3RI Overview



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In a 3D Requestor Initiated (3RI) transaction, the cardholder is not present during the transaction. The cardholder's information is already stored on the merchant's server to be used for recurrent transactions such as TV subscriptions, utility bill payments, and so on. The 3DS Server sends an authentication request to the issuer to confirm that the account is still valid. The transaction in this workflow is classified as a 'non-payment transaction' (NPA) which is only initiated to confirm the account validity and not an actual payment. If the transaction is authenticated (transStatus = Y) or not authenticated, but proof of authentication attempt is generated (transStatus = A), the issuer will include an eci and authenticationValue in the authentication response (/3ds2/authenticate). 

3D Requestor Initiated Workflow

The 3RI workflow diagram shows that the merchant server already has the cardholder details and it sends the details to the 3DS Server that uses this data to create an authenticate request and send it to the issuer. The issuer sends the authentication request to the 3DS Server which in turn sends the response to the merchant server. Depending on the authentication result, the merchant authenticates or declines the transaction.

3RI workflow

Figure caption: 3D Requestor Initiated workflow

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