Web SDK Integration Prerequisites

You must meet the following requirements to use the 3DS Web SDK.

Elavon account

To get an Elavon account user ID and password, contact an Elavon sales representative.

API key

The Web SDK needs a JWT token to communicate with the 3DS Server. To get the JWT token, you will need your username and the API key. Your server can use the API key and username to request a JWT token from the 3DS Server. You will receive separate API keys and user credentials for test and production environments.



Never expose your API key in the client-side code.

See Authentication for authentication mechanisms supported by Elavon for 3DS support.

IP range whitelisting for non-production environment

Before you begin the integration and testing process, provide the test environment IP details to your Elavon sales contact. You can begin the testing process only after your test environment IPs are whitelisted in Elavon’s environment.

Test and production environment

Set up a test and a production environment. Use the test environment to test your integration.

3DS Server URL

Use the following URL to send API requests to the 3DS Server through the Fraud Services gateway:

Test: https://uat.gw.fraud.eu.elavonaws.com/3ds2

Production: https://https://gw.fraud.elavon.com/3ds2