Validate - Sample Request and Response


Use this request to send the cres field value to the 3DS Server to retrieve the challenge result.

POST  /3ds2/validate

Sample URL


Header nameDescriptionRequiredValues
Content-TypeThe MIME type of the request body.Requiredapplication/json
AuthorizationAuthorization type (Basic) and the base64 encoded username and password
Bearer followed by token
RequiredBasic <encoded_auth_data>
Bearer <token_value>


  • The sample request and response on this page assume that the acctNumber supported 3DS 2.1 authentication, but the issuer needed additional information from the cardholder to authenticate the transaction i.e. a challenge flow. After the cardholder provided additional information to the issuer, it authenticates the transaction i.e. transStatus = Y.

  • If transStatus = N, the response will also have the transStatusReason field.

Sample request

  "messageId": "c84a2370-ab74-4abe-97b7-2422a3b538b1",


You must use the messageId and the BASE64-encoded cres value you received from the ACS.

Sample response

  "messageId": "c84a2370-ab74-4abe-97b7-2422a3b538b1",
  "threeDSServerTransID": "0885cf3e-af51-475c-b246-fb6c84f32681",
  "valid": true,
        "messageType": "RReq",
        "messageVersion": "2.1.0",
        "threeDSServerTransID": "0885cf3e-af51-475c-b246-fb6c84f32681",
        "dsTransID": "adb4e259-8e30-4c7e-8cb7-87fd44a22075",
        "acsTransID": "6f2d7af9-9a66-4e2b-8220-1e00b6cf72de",
        "authenticationType": "01",
        "authenticationValue": "lIZK0RcpcDZ83vutqkwrZqJ0fl4=",
        "eci": "06",
        "interactionCounter": "01",
        "messageCategory": "01",
        "transStatus": "Y"

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