Script Error Responses

Purpose: This field is only returned when an error in processing is detected.

Syntax: ERROR=<Error Code>–<Error Description>

Example: ERROR=204-10.Street Address E2


All errors are of the form:  (3 Digit Error Code)–(Error Description).


Below is a list of some of the possible error categories that the viaConex server might return.

Error CodeError DescriptionDetails
204{Script Error Text} {Error Code}A parameter in the script is not correct. Either the parameter is unknown or something is wrong with its value.
An optional error code may be returned if the reason for the error is identified.
Possible Error Codes:
- E1 = Block not recognized
- E2 = Field name not found
- E3 = Minimum length error
- E4 = Maximum length error
206ERROR_EXCEPTIONAn unlisted exception occurred.
208ERROR_INVLD_RESPONSEThe response received was not valid.
209INVALID   COMMANDThe command used was not recognized
210INVALID   REQUESTThe request type used was not recognized