Acronyms Reference

AACApplication Authentication Cryptogram
ACApplication Cryptogram
AFLApplication File Locator
AIDApplication IDentifier
AIPApplication Interchange Profile
APDUApplication Protocol Data Unit
ARPCAuthorization ResPonse Command
ARQCAuthorization ReQuest Command
ATCApplication Transaction Counter
ATMAutomated Teller Machine
AUCApplication Usage Control
BINBank Identification Number
BTTUL Brand Test Tool
CACertification Authority
CAMCard Authentication Method
CAPChip Authentication Program
CDACombined Data Authentication
CIDCard IDentification Number (American Express – Embossed data).
Also referred to as CIN Cryptogram Information Data (Smart Card - Payment)
CNPCard Not Present
CPCard Present (Payment action)
Card Profile (Card Issuance)
CUPChina Union Pay
CVCCard Verification Code
CVMCardholder Verification Method
CVNCryptogram Version Number
CVVCard Verification Value
DDADynamic Data Authenticatin
ECRElectronic Cash Register
EMVEuropay MasterCard Visa
EMV CLEMV ContactLess
FCIFile Control Information
FFIForm Factor Indicator
GPOGet Processing Options
IADIssuer Application Data
ICCIntegrated Circuit Card
IINIssuer Identification Number
LVPLow-Value Payments
mPOSMobile POS
MSDMagnetic Stripe Data
NFCNear-Field Communication
OTPOne Time Password
PANPrimary Account number
PDOLProcessing Options Object List
PCIPayment Card Industry
PCIDSSPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard
PINPersonal Identification Number
PKPublic Key
POIPoint of Interaction
POSPoint of sale
PPSEProximity Payment System Environment
PSEPayment System Environment
PSNPAN Sequence Number
PSPPayment Service Provider
qVSDCQuick Visa Debit Credit
RFUReserved for Future Use
RSARivest Shamir Adleman (co-creators of the RSA cryptosystem)
SDAStatic Data Authentication
SSDSupplementary Security Domain
SESecure Element
SKSecret Key (eq. Private Key)
SMSSingle Message System (Financial)
SPService Provider
STPElavon Self Test Platform
TTQTerminal Transaction Qualifier
TVRTerminal Verification Results
TX or TXNTransaction
UBFUAE Bank Federation
UDKUnique Derived Key
UIUser Interface
UICCUniversal Integrated Circuit Card
UMDUser Mobile Device
UNUnpredictable Number
UXUser eXperience
VASValue Added Services
VCNVirtual Card Number
VCBPCSVisa Cloud-Based Payment Contactless Specification
VCPSVisa Contactless Payment Specification
VDEPVisa Digital Enablement Platform
VMCPSVisa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification
VTSVisa Tokenization Service
WSPWallet Service Provider
3DS3D Secure
  1. The ECR can be removed from the PCI CDE scope if the terminal uses P2PE

  2. Note: For merchants or third party processors using a different tool, please contact your Elavon certification representative.

  3. Optional step; can be executed to improve security of the transaction

  4. The card is requested to provide an AAC in partial EMV therefore the EMV transaction is complete prior to sending the transaction to the issuer.

  5. Comingling debit and credit applications tied to a single account is highly unusual. Combo card issuance exists in Brazil and therefore may be encountered by NA-based customers when accepting payments from foreign cardholders. But, this type of issuance doesn’t happen outside of Brazil today, and is expressly prohibited for domestic issuance in some markets, like Canada.

  6. This step execution contains significant differences between contact and contactless

  7. Generally avoided in favor of speed, unless above the CVM limit

  8. Although this step is executed, the card is no longer in the field (i.e communicating with the terminal)

  9. Depending on brand implementation

  10. Elavon’s Simplify solution uses the “credit” approach for Signature Brand Debit AIDs.