Usage in the Simplify Ingenico Developer Guide and Simplify Ingenico Download Configuration Troubleshooting Guide (sometimes referred to simply as the Developer Guide and the Download Configuration Troubleshooting Guide) is as follows:

  • An ampersand (&) represents real data that has been masked for documentation.

  • POS is short for POS or PMS.

  • FS designates a 1 byte field separator (Hex 1C).

  • Bolding indicates:

    • a message type (in the Developer Guide).
    • a part of the user interface (in the Download Configuration Troubleshooting Guide).

    Bolding may be omitted to avoid excessive bolding.

  • Italics are used.

    • for emphasis.
    • to refer to a separate document.
  • Double quotes (“ “) are used:

    • to refer to a document section (when not linked)
    • to enclose text/string data (may be omitted)