Simplify Overview

Simplify® is a semi-integrated, payment application that resides on the payment device and ensures card holders and merchants experience a secure credit or debit payment transaction, using both magstripe and EMV chip enabled cards. Simplify securely encrypts card data (tapped, inserted, swiped or manually entered) at the Point of Interaction, and sends the encrypted transaction data to Elavon’s payment gateway (Fusebox) where a token for the payment card data is created.

Through the Simplify application programming interface (API), customers in the Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Service industries can easily isolate sensitive cardholder data from their Point-of-Sale (POS) or Property Management System (PMS), thereby eliminating or reducing the scope of PCI compliance audits. The Simplify solution offers the flexibility of a variety of PIN Transaction Security (PTS)-approved devices, from tethered to wireless, along with communication and connectivity modes ranging from RS232 through Wifi. This solution is also available as a full P2PE solution.

Note: Developer Portal webpages for Simplify document functionality supported on Ingenico devices. For Verifone interface documentation, contact your sales engineer or sales representative.

Getting Started

Integration Timeline

What’s New


Surcharge is supported on Sale or Auth credit transactions. Contact your Elavon representative for Surcharge requirements.

Split Check (Pay@Table)

Splitting the check is supported on Pay@Table transactions.

See Pay@Table Make Payment Request.


Supported for Simplify-host communications on the Move 5000.

See under Wireless Setup.

Unattended Devices

Simplify is currently available for Version 29 on the following Tetra Unattended device:

  • Self 4000

See under Simplify Introduction for a list of supported devices.

Airline Vouchers

Accept Airline Vouchers with QR codes as payment, using device camera to scan code.

See Sale Message.

Fast Graphics Download

Replace an existing PIN Pad graphic in about a second.

See Fast Graphics Download.

TIP Enhancements

Added support for additional functionality in API 5104 on Tetra Attended, non-Pay@Table devices:

  • Send Tip values as dollar amounts (alternative to percentages).
  • Send up to four Tip percentages/amounts.
  • Support custom Tip screen.

See API 5104 under Simplify-Controlled Field Definitions.

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  • If you have an existing account and need assistance with transaction issues, please contact us at 1-800-377-3962, or by emailing
  • If you are integrating to Simplify and need assistance, please contact your Integration Analyst.