Simplify-Generated Messages

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Simplify-generated response messages are sent to the POS in API 1010 for transactions processed offline. This will occur if a transaction is declined locally (no host message) or if the host is unavailable. These messages begin with *SLR (for Simplify Local Response). A Simplify-generated response message will also be sent if a transaction is declined due to a MAC error.


If On-Device SAF is enabled, a different set of Simplify-generated messages will be used for offline situations. See Simplify-Generated Messages for On-Device SAF.

For EMV, Simplify will also generate a response message if the chip declines a host-approved transaction or the customer removes the card before the transaction is completed. These messages begin with *ICC (referring to the chip card).

Simplify Local Responses (*SLR)

Field 1003 (Gateway Response Code)Field 1004 (Host Response Code)Field 1010 (Simplify-Generated Response Message)ConditionAction
-7*SLR NO MATCHING RECORDS.An inquiry message (Tran Type 22) was received by Simplify, but Simplify could not find the corresponding Account Number.Decline – No Inquiry needed
-16*SLR FINAL $ TOO LRG.Amount of Cash back is over limitDecline – No Inquiry needed
0*SLR STAND-IN.Setting is for Simplify to Stand In, and either request timed out or no communication. The response contains the encrypted account number, which is required for the store to perform Stand-In.POS decides to approve or decline.
Inquiry needed. See under POS SAF Processingfor more information.
0000-99*SLR MIFAREMifare tap transactionPOS parses Field 5001 to obtain the Mifare UID.
0000-99*SLR WHITELIST.Transaction on Return list. Returned to POS (not sent to Fusebox) with account data in the clear.POS processes the returned data.
See List-Based Transaction Processing for more information.
3*SLR COMMUNICATIONS ERROR.Simplify cannot get connected to Fusebox, or PCI Reboot time < 5 minutesInquiry needed
30*SLR BUSY.Simplify is processing another request.Retry – No Inquiry needed
41*SLR BAD ACCT NUMBER.Account number failed MOD 10 validationDecline – No Inquiry needed
47*SLR BAD CARD TYPE.Card not valid or no account/track data from EMV chipDecline – No Inquiry needed
49*SLR BAD EXPIRATION.Invalid expiration dateDecline – No Inquiry needed
6099*SLR INVALID FORMAT.Request message format is invalid.Decline – No Inquiry needed
60-99*SLR CALL HELP DESK.Voltage error invalidating account data or error in On-Guard process.Decline – No Inquiry needed
81*SLR SURCHARGE REFUSED.Customer rejected surcharge amount.Decline – No Inquiry needed
88*SLR SWITCH TIMEOUT.Host timeoutInquiry needed
173*SLR TRAN NOT ALLOWEDOffline not allowedDecline – No Inquiry needed
174*SLR ACCOUNT NOT TOKEN ELIGIBLE.The account number entered as a result of a Token Request is not Token eligibleDecline – No Inquiry needed
208*SLR CANCEL KEY PRESSED.Either the Cancel key was pressed on the PIN Pad or timeout on PIN entryDecline – No Inquiry needed
208*SLR INCOMPLETE PIN(Requires special configuration. Will not occur in most installations. Consult Elavon for more information.)Decline – No Inquiry needed
259*SLR ResetError condition from invalid inputDecline – Inquiry needed
265*MAC DECLINED.Declined due to MAC errorDecline – Inquiry needed

Chip Declines (*ICC)

Field 1003 (Gateway Response Code)Field 1010 (Simplify-Generated Response Message)Action
258*ICC CARD STILL PRESENT.Informational - No Inquiry needed
264*ICC EMV DECLINED.Decline - No Inquiry needed