Release Notes

DateRelease Notes
2.03.02x.119.8MAY 2023
  • Added support for Self 4000 Unattended device.
  • Corrected description of Informational Prompting Tag 031 (Tactile Keypad).
  • Updated table of supported Informational Prompting Tags per device.
2.03.02x.119.7APR 2023
  • Added support for Informational Prompting Tag 031 (Tactile Keypad).
  • Documented more functionality in API 5104 (Tetra Attended, non-Pay@Table)
    • Send Tip values as dollar amounts (alternative to percentages).
    • Send up to four Tip percentages/amounts.
    • Support custom Tip screen.
2.03.02x.119.6MAR 2023
  • Described usage of voucher button on Sale transaction payment screen.
  • Clarified usage of Mask and User Char fields for Information Prompting Tag 030 (Virtual Keyboard) message.
  • Noted POS Routing not supported in Canada.
2.03.02x.119.5DEC 2022Documented support for Private Label (API 0115 = 025).
2.03.02x.119.4NOV 2022(no changes)
2.03.02x.119.3OCT 2022
  • Added support for reading QR codes for airline vouchers, with new Status Message (26).
  • Removed API 5006 from On-Device SAF sample messages.
  • Added EMV chip data missing account/track data as condition for *SLR BAD CARD TYPE.
  • Added Tog 008 (Erase Screen) to Scrolling Receipt (36-10) message.
2.03.02x.119.2OCT 2022Corrected description of API 5001 for Informational Prompting (36-14) message Tag 071.
2.03.02x.119.1AUG 2022
  • Added Simplify-Generated Message for MAC decline.
  • Added ability to send first 8 digits of PAN to POS in Sale, Auth, Return, Token Request and Balance Inquiry (API 5001).
2.03.02x.119JUN 2022Added support for Surcharge.
2.03.02x.118.1MAY 2022
  • Consolidated pages. Added links to sub-sections on consolidated pages.
  • Clarified PCI-validated P2PE not supported for Canada.
  • Clarified iWL25x only supported through build 88.
  • Added PCI reboot time on Message Details and Simplify-Generated Messages pages.
2.03.02x.118FEB 2022 2021
  • Modifications for accessibility (A11y).
  • Removed Graphics Update (36-15-005) message. 2021
  • Added support for Unattended devices.
  • Added support for PINless Debit.
  • Added ability for POS to define text displayed while waiting for Mifare Tap.
  • Added recommendation to set Timeout for ACK > 3 seconds. 2021
  • Added Document Overview section under Simplify Introduction. 2021
  • Added support for On-Device SAF.
  • Added support for Graphics Update (36-15-005) message from POS.
  • Added support for POS routing (routing Simplify-Fusebox messaging via the POS).
  • Modified build number in Version Number Inquiry (36-06) response to follow usage in Release number.
  • Documented requirement that text in the Print Request (36-45) and Print Receipt (39-06) messages be sent in print blocks of < 58 bytes each. 2020
  • Added Pay@Table configuration to control and streamline transaction flow.
  • Updated description of Field 5104 for Pay@Table. 2020
  • Added support for EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash tenders outside Puerto Rico.
  • Modified versioning to add a Release number that will be used in all customer-facing documentation.
2.02.027JUN 2020
  • Added support for EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash tenders (Puerto Rico only).
  • Added support for IVU (tax) fields (Puerto Rico only).
  • Added support for Cash tender (Puerto Rico only).
  • Added support for Mifare Tap.
  • Added support for Token Request message on cards processed as contact EMV.
  • Documented support for System Command (36-15) message (supports reboot).
  • Added support for enabling/disabling Tip prompting and modifying Tip prompting text from POS (Field 5104).
  • Added Package version, Full SN and Injected SN to Field 5070. Added Field 5070 to the Version Number Inquiry Response. 2020
  • Versioning - Updated software version information for Simplify versions 24-26.
  • Initiate HEM/Ingestate Message - Changed references to IngEstate to say HEM/IngEstate to reflect Elavon migration.
  • Pay@Table - Changed maximum length supported for API 5219 (Pay@Table Session ID) to 50 bytes.
  • Pay@Table - Clarified use of Field 5104 (Tip Settings).
  • Informational Prompting - Documented supported functionality by device.
2.02.026FEB 2020
  • Updated documentation to cover Simplify versions 24-26.
  • Modified and added information at external links.
  • Supported Hardware - Documented support for Lane 8000. 2020
  • Message and Communications Protocols - Added HID USB Interface from Addendum.
  • Informational Prompting - Added tag 072 from Addendum.
  • Auto Signature – Clarified use of API 5004 and 5006. 2019
  • Stand-in Processing – Corrected description of API 5006 in Sample Stand-in Response. Clarified use of API 5005 and 5006 under Store and Forward Transactions. 2019
  • Message Details - Added support for non-Pay@Table printing (Print Request Message).
  • Stand-in Processing - Added API 1379 (Offline EMV Receipt Field List) to Stand-in Response to POS. 2019
  • Modified headings of sample messages to be more uniform and to avoid unnecessary Table of Contents entries in the pdf. 2019
  • Changed references to Telium PIN Pads to refer to Telium and Tetra. 2019
  • Added ability to process Returns sent to Fusebox as EMV transactions.
  • Added back description of HID USB (removed in 2.02.025). Updated ID information for HID USB to include Tetra devices. Added instructions for obtaining additional ID information. (Addendum only)
  • Added timeout on PIN entry as additional condition for API 1010 = “*SLR Cancel Key Pressed.”
  • Added tag 072 under Informational Prompting to display scrolling text with configurable buttons (Addendum only). 2019
  • Updated sample messages.
  • Updated information on matching fields when a transaction depends on a prior transaction.
2.02.025MAR 2019
  • Supported Hardware - Added support for Tetra devices on Version 25. Added list of all supported Ingenico devices.
  • Communications - Added support for Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Versioning - Added table of current version numbers for Simplify and supporting software.
  • Message Details – Added tables of matching fields required for transaction types dependent on prior transactions
  • EMV - Corrected description of Return transaction using ICC (chip card) to say that card must be swiped.
  • Auto Signature - Added support for auto signature.
  • Signature Request Message - Added tag 002.
  • Initiate HEM/IngEstate Message - Added capability for POS to set HEM/IngEstate identifier (TMSID).
  • Scrolling Receipt Message - Added capability to send up to five lines of text plus a total line in a single request.
  • EMV - Added support for contactless EMV.
  • EMV – Added list of EMV tags.
  • EMV - Added option to return EMV tags on a Stand-In response.
  • EMV - For ICC decline of host-approved transaction, added reason for decline to response to POS.
  • Pay@Table - Added enhancements from customer feedback.
  • Informational Prompting - Added tags 011, 012, 071.
  • Quick Chip Tendering - Added support.
  • Simplify-Generated Response Messages - Added additional messages.
  • Status Message ACKing - Made configurable the list of Status Identifiers for which a Status Message require an ACK. Added 021 to the default list.
  • Simplified-Controlled Fields - Renamed and rewritten. Added subsections on Field 5001 (Financial Data), 5070 (Simplify Information), 5071 (Card/Cardholder Present?), 5104 (Tip Prompting). Documented Quick Chip token. Added Quick Chip and PIN Pad busy entries to Completion Code table.
2.02.021OCT 2017Initial Developer Portal version