Pre-Tendering can be used to speed up transactions by allowing card processing to be initiated and completed before the PINpad receives the financial request (and transaction total).

Pre-Tendering will be allowed if Simplify receives a valid Allow Pre-Tendering (Tran Type 36-40) request from the POS. This message is supported for Sale, Auth and Refund transactions (EMV or non-EMV). The Allow Pre-Tendering request must be followed by a financial request.

A tender that includes a valid Allow Pre-Tendering request will be referred to as a Pre-Tendered transaction.

Allow Pre-Tendering Message details are as follows:

  • Message fields are field 1 (Tran Type = 36) and field 11.

  • Field 11 in the request must contain a Q token.

  • Field 11 in the response contains a Completion Code (bytes 9-11) giving the outcome of the request. A value of 000 indicates a valid Allow Pre-Tendering request; if non-zero, processing ahead of the transaction total will not be allowed.

  • See Simplify-Controlled Field Definitions especially under Token Area for more information on field 11 in the Allow Pre-Tendering Message.

Other processing modifications for Pre-Tendered transactions include the following:

  • After Simplify receives an Allow Pre-Tendering request, the following screens will be suppressed until the Financial request is received: Amount OK or DCC, Tip Amount.

  • Additional Status Messages have been added to support Pre-Tendering. Please consult your Elavon representative for more information.

  • Simplify can be configured to support Cash Back for Pre-Tendered Sale transactions. Please consult your Elavon representative for more information.

  • If a tender type is sent in both the Allow Pre-Tendering request and the financial request (both optional), the tender types must match; if not the transaction will be declined.

  • Simplify can be configured to require customer confirmation if Cancel is pressed during a Pre-Tendered transaction.