Recommended Rules for Handling Stand-In Responses

The recommended rules for handling Stand-in Responses are as follows:

  • All responses with “*SLR STAND-IN.” need to be recorded by the POS (Stand-In List). This includes all transactions that were either locally approved or locally declined.

  • Go through the Stand In-List.

    • If the POS processed the transaction as approved, send an Inquiry.

      • If Inquiry response is APPROVED (Transaction Type = original), POS processing is done.

      • If Inquiry response is NO RECORD FOUND (Transaction Type = 22), submit the Stand-in Transaction for processing.

    • If the POS processed the transaction as declined, send an Inquiry.

      • If Inquiry response is APPROVED (Transaction Type = original), send a void.

      • If Inquiry response is NO RECORDS FOUND (Transaction Type = 22), POS processing is done.

Sample Stand-in Response

A sample of the Stand-In Response for an offline transaction is as follows:

(Stand-in enabled; EMV enabled but configured not to return EMV tags on Stand-In)

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,02Transaction Type
0002,1.00Transaction Amount
0003,;&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&= &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&?Encrypted Track Data
(See under Usage for details.)
0006,SN:80649419Serial Number (needed to Decrypt)
0007,53Reference Number
0011,xxx…User Data. See Simplify-Controlled Field Definitions.
0013,022519Transaction Date
0014,104720Transaction Time
0017,0.00Cash Back Amount
0047,C;1;1;1;0;1;5;5;4;3;3;C;0;4POS Data Code
0052,0Transponder / Proximity Indicator (0 = contact; 2 = contactless , 5 = swiped)
0054,05POS Entry Mode
0109,TERM02Terminal ID (provided by Elavon)
0110,205Cashier ID
0115,010Transaction Qualifier (010 = credit; 030 = debit)
0126,2Track Indicator (may need to appear on receipt)
0201,0.00Tip Amount
1000,VICard Type
1002,UAT USA/Test Card 03Cardholder Name
1003,0000Response Code
1008,476173******0119Masked Account Number
1010,*SLR STAND-IN.Simplify-Generated Response Message.
1314,A0000000031010Dedicated File Name
1315,0096ICC Application Version Number
1379, [see value below]Offline EMV Receipt Field List
1382,F000F0A001Additional Terminal Capabilities
5002,80649419Serial Number needed to Decrypt
5004,OGEncryption Provider ID (OG = On-Guard; G2 = Voltage)
5006,FFFF4D4D4D0000C0046C050006Terminal KSN (only used for On-Guard)
5010,EMVDC0838EMV kernel version
5070,xxx…Simplify Information. See Simplify-Controlled Field Definitions.
8002,ONGUARDLocation Name (provided by Elavon)
8006,TSTLA3Chain Code (provided by Elavon)

1379,1326|Application Label: ;1300|AAC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ;