Transaction Flow

Pay@Table transaction flow (Simplify processing steps). See text just below.

The flow in the above graphic can also be represented as follows:

  • Simplify Pay@Table Process (pre-pay)

    • Send Login Request and receives response.
    • Obtain table and/or check number from server (depends on configuration).
    • Send Get Check Information Request and receive response. (Omitted if Login Response contains check data.)
    • If > 1 check in Get Check Information Response, obtain check number from server.
    • Get Tip amount.
    • Confirm transaction amount.
    • Send Make Payment Request.
  • Simplify Payment Process

    • Receive financial request.
    • Obtain customer account data.
    • Build and send host request, receive host response.
    • Build and send financial response.
    • Note: If host timeout or POS does not receive financial response, POS must perform timeout processing. See POS SAF Processing for details.
  • Simplify Pay@Table Process (post-pay)

    • Receive Print Receipts Request.
    • Print Receipts.
    • Send Print Receipts Response.
      • If Auto-logout enabled or server done, send Logout/Disconnect Request.
      • Else, return to obtain table and/or check number and repeat flow from that point. (If number of checks in Get Check Information Response is 0, send Logout/Disconnect Request.)