Make Payment Request (Tran Type 39-05)

After a check is selected for processing (automatically or by the server), the screen flow for customer interaction will depend on server actions, as well as configured values and/or values received from the POS, as follows:

  • Server can press Enter to process the check, or enter a number to split the check evenly among the specified number of guests. If split:

    • Further check processing will be performed separately for each split.
    • Partial payments are not allowed during split check processing.
    • A tender decline for a split will return to the Tip screen for that split.
    • After the specified number of splits, Simplify will send a Get Check Information request; if the balance is non-zero, Simplify will display a warning screen and print a mini-receipt before going to the enter Table/Check # prompt.
    • The POS is not allowed to alter any amount when it builds the Financial Request string.
  • If Partial Payment is enabled (field 5213 in the Login Response), a screen will display the check amount, and allow the customer to enter a lesser amount. In this case, the Tip percentages screen (if displayed) will show the entered amount as well as the remaining balance.

  • If Tip percentages are enabled (percentages returned in field 5104, Tip flag set to 1 in field 5214), a screen will show the returned percentages/corresponding amounts, and allow the customer to make a selection. If configured, “None” and/or “Other” will also appear; selecting “Other” will prompt for a Tip amount (same as next screen).

  • If prompting for a Tip amount is enabled (Tip flag set to 2 in field 5214), a screen will prompt for a Tip amount using the text from field 5104 if sent, else using configured text.

  • If a gratuity is automatically calculated (Tip flag set to 3 in field 5214; gratuity amount sent from POS in API 0201), Simplify will proceed directly to the Insert/Tap/Slide screen. Total will be explained using the text from field 5104 if sent, else using hard-coded text.

  • If Tip is disabled (Tip flag set to 0 in field 5214), Simplify will proceed directly to the Insert/Tap/Slide screen (no tip or gratuity).

Note: Fields 5104 and 5214 can be sent in the Login Response and/or Get Check Information Response. Login settings apply until the next login unless different settings are defined for a check in a Get Check Information Response.

A Make Payment Request message is sent by Simplify after transaction information has been entered for a check (or part of a check if partial payment is enabled and selected by the customer) and (if enabled) the customer has approved the transaction amount (typically disabled for Pay@Table).

There is no Make Payment Response message. The POS responds to a Make Payment Request by sending a financial request to Simplify.

Sample Message


A sample Make Payment Request message is as follows:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,39Transaction Type
0002,14.00Transaction Amount.
0141,840Currency Code
0201,1.99Tip Amount
5100,05Message Type
5105,4Table Number
5106,125Check Number
5217,01Type of Transaction
5218,715Pay@Table Message Reference Number
5219,12345678Pay@Table Session ID