Login Request and Response (Tran Type 39-01)

The Login message is used as follows:

  • Simplify sends a Login request to the POS after the server logs in to the PIN Pad. The POS attempts to validate the user and open a connection. There are two scenarios for a successful login:

    • The Login Response from the POS contains store configuration values used by the Pay@Table process (e.g. Service Type, Tip Settings, Partial Payment Flag, Tip Flag). Simplify prompts the server to enter a Table and/or Check number, sends a Get Check Information Request to obtain check data, and displays data for the returned check(s).

    Note: API 5103 determines whether Simplify prompts for a Check number or for a Table and (optional) Check number.

    • In addition to store configuration values, the Login Response can also contain check data (fields 5114 up to 5212). On receiving such a response, Simplify will display data for the returned check(s) and perform further processing as described under the Get Check Information Response. The above prompting will not occur and the Get Check Information Message will not be used.

Note: If checks are available to reprint, a button on the Table and/or Check number prompting screen will provide access to a Reprint function. When all checks from a table are settled, a button will allow the reprint of all receipts from current table.

Sample Message


A sample Login Request message is as follows:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,39Transaction Type
5002,80667259Device Serial Number
5100,01Message Type
5101,12345Store ID
5102,111Employee ID
5218,713Pay@Table Message Reference Number


A sample Login Response message is as follows:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,39Transaction Type
5100,01Message Type
5103,00Service Type
5104, [see value below]Tip Settings. (FS = 1 byte field separator.)
See under Field Formats and Descriptions; also Simplify-Controlled Field Definitions for additional details.
5110,00POS Response Code
5111,ApprovedPOS Response Message
5213,1Partial Payment Flag
5214,1Tip Flag
5218,713Pay@Table Message Reference Number
5219,12345678Pay@Table Session ID

5104,15;18;20FS1FSPlease Enter Additional\n Gratuity