Field Formats and Descriptions

The following table gives formats/descriptions for all fields included in Simplify Pay@Table messages.


Data Type = C refers to currency fields. These fields must include an explicit decimal point.

Field #Field NameSizeData TypeDescription
0001Transaction Type2NSimplify Tran Type.
Always 39 for Pay@Table messages.
0002Transaction Amount1-14CTotal transaction amount (includes Tip if any).
0141Currency Code3N840=USD
0201Tip Amount1-14CEntered or selected by customer.
Note that the POS must send this value separately in field 201 of the financial request.
5002Device Serial Number1-20A/NDevice Serial Number
5100Message Type2A/N
  • 01=Login
  • 02=Get Check Info
  • 04=Logout/Disconnect
  • 05=Make Payment
  • 06=Print Receipt
5101Store ID1-25A/NOptional field; may be blank or missing
Only populated if a Store ID is defined under Simplify configuration.
5102Employee ID1-20A/NServer ID
5103Service Type1NControls Simplify prompt displayed on the Get Check Information screen:
  • 00=Table and Check Number
  • 01=Check Number
5104Tip Settings3-101A/NCan be sent in Login Response and/or Get Check Information Response. Login settings apply until the next login unless different settings are defined for a check in a Get Check Information Response. (If not sent in either message, defaults are used.)
Can contain Tip percentages, flag and text. Format is:
a;b;cFSdFSe (FS = 1 byte field separator) where:
  • a, b, c – Tip percentages. (1 or 2 digits supported. Percentage sign is assumed.)
  • d – Tip flag. (Accepted in code, but not currently used. For Pay@Table, the flag in 5214 is used.)
  • e – Tip prompting text. (Up to 90 bytes. Can include \n to start a new line of text.) See under Make Payment Request.
All data is optional. Both semi-colons (;) are required, even if less than three percentages are present. First FS is required if flag is present; both are required if text is present. Code will accept FS as shown above even if d and/or e are null.
5105Table Number1-25A/NEntered at prompt
5106Check Number1-20A/NEntered at prompt or selected from list
5107Merchant Receipt1-2047A/NData for merchant receipt.
  • Receipt lines are separated by the pound sign (#).
    • ## tells Simplify to print a blank line before beginning the next line.
    • Text between any two # signs must be no more than 58 bytes.
  • Receipt lines are printed using left justification. For center justification, pad with spaces.
5108Customer Receipt1-2047A/NData for customer receipt. Same format as 5107.
5110POS Response Code2-4A/NResponse Code from POS:
  • All zeros=approved/success
  • Any non-zero value=declined/error.
5111POS Response Message1-50A/NResponse Message from POS.
Displayed on PIN Pad.
5114Check Information1-2047A/NCan be sent in either Login Response or Get Check Info Response.
Check Information sent in five subfields (separated by semicolons)
  • Check number (25 bytes maximum)
  • Amount due (includes explicit decimal point; if negative, the check is a refund) (14 bytes maximum)
  • Check receipt (5 bytes maximun)
  • Employee ID (10 bytes maximum)
  • Text data (30 bytes maximum)
See under Get Check Information Message for more information.
(etc.)Check Information1-2047A/NInformation for each check is sent in a separate field.
Up to 99 checks can be processed per table, using fields 5114 through 5212.
5213Partial Payment Flag1N0=Disabled; 1=Enabled
5214Tip Flag1NCan be sent in Login Response and/or Get Check Info Response. Same transaction scope as 5104.
  • 0=Tip Disabled
  • 1=Tip Enabled. Prompt for Tip percentage (if percentages defined, else same as 2).
  • 2=Tip Enabled. Prompt for Tip amount (text from field 5104 if sent; else default).
  • 3=Tip Enabled. No prompting. Automatic gratuity (text from field 5104 if sent; else default).
5217Type of Transaction2NSimplify Tran Type sent by the POS. Supported Tran Types are:
  • 01=Auth Only
  • 02=Sale
  • 09=Return (should be sent if the check is a refund)
5218Pay@Table Message
Reference Number
1-8NMessage number incremented for each Pay@Table request (from Simplify or POS) and returned in each response message (if any). Used to match requests and responses.
For Print Receipt messages, the Reference Number must match field 0007 in the preceding financial response.
5219Pay@Table Session ID1-50A/N
  • Used if necessary to recover the correct session.
  • Sent in Login Response and all subsequent messages until logout/disconnect.
  • Incremented for each Login Response.