Simplify supports Pay@Table processing on Move 5000 PIN Pads.

Pay@Table transactions can be broken down into three steps (see Messaging for more information):

  1. Pre-pay (Simplify Pay@Table process) – Simplify sends a Login Request to login and connect to the POS. Pay@Table configuration values are received in the response. Check data may also be present.

    • If check data is present, Simplify will display the data.

    • Else Simplify prompts the server to enter a table and/or check number, sends a Get Check Information Request to obtain check data, and displays data for the returned checks.

    Server selects check (if more than one). Simplify finalizes transaction data for a tender and sends a Make Payment Request to the POS.

  2. Authorization (Simplify Payment process) – Simplify receives a financial request from the POS, obtains customer account data, and prepares and sends a host request to Fusebox. Simplify processes the host response, and sends a financial response to the POS.

    • Supported Tran Types for the financial request are Auth Only (01), Sale (02), Return (09). For more information on these Tran Types, see Message Details. The POS can also send a Void (11) or an Inquiry (22) after a host or Simplify timeout; for more information see under Simplify Payment Processing.
  3. Post-pay (Simplify Pay@Table process) – Simplify receives a Print Receipt Request from the POS, selects receipts to print (if menu enabled), prints the receipts, and sends a Print Receipt Response to the POS.

All messages sent during the Simplify Pay@Table process use Tran Type 39.

POS responsibilities during a Pay@Table transaction include the following:

  • Upon Login Request, validates user. If valid login, returns Login Response based on message specification. A Login Response may contain check data.

  • Upon Get Check Information Request, returns list of open checks. (This request is sent if the Login Response does not contain check data.)

  • After receipt of Make Payment Request (completion of Pay@Table pre-pay process), builds and sends financial request to Simplify.

  • After receiving financial response, sends Print Receipt Request to Simplify.

  • Handle timeout from financial response, if applicable.

  • Upon Logout/Disconnect Request, sends response, logs user out and disconnects from PIN Pad.

  • There can be multiple Pay@Table terminals for a single base. All terminals connected to the same base will have the same IP address, with the POS responsible for managing multiple sockets.