On-Device SAF

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All Simplify versions support POS SAF (Store and Forward) If enabled, Simplify will send to the POS all data required for the POS to perform SAF processing. This requires the POS to store sensitive data.

Starting with build 115, Simplify supports On-Device SAF (Store and Forward) on Tetra devices (Simplify versions 2.03.xxx). If this feature is enabled, Simplify performs SAF processing and does not send any sensitive data to the POS.


  • On-Device SAF is recommended with OnGuard as the encryption mode, as Voltage is not valid for PCI-validated P2PE.

  • On-Device SAF and POS SAF are not compatible. If Simplify is configured to support either method of SAF processing, the other method is not allowed.

Supported Transactions

  • Card Present

  • Sale, Refund, Auth Only

  • Credit AID (no PINblock)

Communication Errors for which On-Device SAF is Supported

  • Socket to Fusebox could not be opened.

  • Simplify timed out before receiving the financial response from Fusebox.

SAF Reports

Available reports on SAF transactions are described in the Simplify Download Configuration Troubleshooting Guide under SAF Menu.

API Fields Only Used for On-Device SAF

Field #Field NameSizeData TypeDescription
5035Fusebox Token16-20NSent in Inquiry response for forwarded approvals.
5073SAF Record Key/ SAF Token20NFormat: aaaabbbbbbbbsssscccc
  • aaaa=first 4 chars of account number
  • bbbbbbbb=Device Serial Number
  • ssss=SAF sequence number (Simplify-generated)
  • cccc=last 4 chars of account number
5074SAF Database Fields and Fusebox Record1-99999A/NSent in Inquiry response when available:
  • TT=22
  • LLLLL = length of data
  • VVVVV = name1=value1;(etc.);
5075Total SAF Local Approved Pending Amount and Limit17C
  • Total SAF Local Approved Pending Amount (with refunds treated as positive amounts)
  • Maximum total amount of pending local approvals (configured value)
5076SAF Additional Data139-255A/N
  • Total SAF Local Approved Pending Count
  • Total Current Database Record Count
  • Maximum # of allowed database recs (configured)
  • Flash remaining
  • RAM remaining
5077SAF Additional Data221-255A/NFormat: TTLLLLLVVVVV
  • TT = “TT”
  • LLLLL = length of data
  • VVVVV = data
    • Total SAF Local Approved Pending Count
    • Total SAF Local Declined Pending Count

See sample messages for examples of these fields.