Scrolling Receipt Request Message (Tran Type 36-10)

Simplify supports a Scrolling Receipt Request message from the POS process. If Simplify receives this message, it responds by displaying the data sent in the request (no Response message). There are currently two types of supported data: item data and a running order total. This message can also be used to erase the screen.

After a Scrolling Receipt Request message is sent, the only message types that can be processed next are additional Scrolling Receipt Request messages or a Scrolling Receipt Stop message.

If additional Scrolling Receipt Request messages are sent, the additional item data will be appended to the existing item data display and the running total will be updated with the most recent total. If the item data will not all fit on the screen, the oldest item data will not be displayed. Up to five lines of item data can be sent in a single Scrolling Receipt Request message.

The display of scrolling receipt data is terminated by sending a Scrolling Receipt Stop message (36-11). When the PIN Pad receives this message, it will display the Idle screen. The PIN Pad will then be available to process messages as usual.

Field 5001 Format

(Generic format)The format of this field is TTTLLLVVV…VV , where:
  • TTT is a Tag
  • LLL is the length of the data.
  • VVV..VV is the data
RequestThis field can be included in the Scrolling Receipt Request message. It allows the POS system to send up to 6 lines of text to be displayed on the screen (in addition to the canned text on the screen).
  • TTT - Currently defined tags are:
    • 001 – The data describing the item just scanned.
      (Can be repeated up to 5 times per message.)
    • 002 – The running total of the price of all items, to be displayed on the bottom of the screen.
    • 008 – Erase screen.
    If tags other than the above are sent, they will be ignored.
  • VVV..VV - Depends on Tag as follows:
  • 001 and 002 - Data formatted for the desired display output. The maximum length will depend on the platform.
  • 008 - Always “1”.
(No Response message)

Sample Messages


An example of a possible Scrolling Receipt Request message (from the POS process to Simplify) is:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,36Transaction Type. A value of 36 indicates a Non-Financial transaction
0011,xxx..User Data See Simplify-Controlled Field Definitions.
5001, [see value below]
  • 001 = Tag for Item Data
  • 025 = Length of Item Data
  • 2LB PKG STRAWBERRIES 2.98 = Item Data
  • 002 = Tag for Running Total Data
  • 013 = Length of Running Total Data
  • SubTotal 2.98 = Running Total Data

5001,0010252LB PKG STRAWBERRIES 2.98002013SubTotal 2.98

Additional Sample Requests (Field 5001)

  • 001018CELERY STALKS 1.29002013SubTotal 4.27
  • 001024SEEDLESS WATERMELON 2.98002013SubTotal 7.25
  • 001027BLACK BEAN VEGGIE BRGR 2.50002013SubTotal 9.75

Sample Screens

The following screenshot shows the end result of sending the above four sample messages one after another:

scrolling receipt screen, default font

The screenshot shown above uses the default font size for scrolling receipts. Simplify can be configured to use two smaller font sizes for scrolling receipts. A screen showing the larger of these two font sizes is shown below. Please consult your Elavon representative if you want to use a non-default font size for scrolling receipts.

scrolling receipt screen, smaller font

The above data can also be displayed by sending all four item data lines plus the running total line to Simplify in one Scrolling Receipt Request message. In this case, field 5001 will contain the following:

5001,0010252LB PKG STRAWBERRIES 2.98001018CELERY STALKS 1.29001024SEEDLESS WATERMELON 2.98001027BLACK BEAN VEGGIE BRGR 2.50002013SubTotal 9.75

Erasing the Screen

The following request samples show how Tag 008 can be used to erase the screen before, in the middle of, or after displaying data using Tags 001 and 002. See also Tag 008 format above.

Value in API 5001Screen Display
5001,0080011001011Merchandise002005TotalErase screen. Display one line item and total.
5001,001011Merchandise0080011002005TotalDisplay one line item. Erase screen. Display total.
5001,001011Merchandise002005Total0080011Display one line item and total. Erase screen.

Alternatively, Tag 008 can be sent in a separate message. E.g.: to erase the screen before displaying data, send: