Exit Reversal Mode Message (Tran Type 36-12)

Reversal mode is used to force a host reversal if this is required during EMV processing. In this processing mode, Simplify resends the request until a host response is received, while all new transactions on the PIN Pad are processed offline.

Simplify supports an Exit Reversal Mode Message. When Simplify receives this message, it will send a Void Sale Response (11) message to the POS, including the data required to request the reversal, and return to normal processing mode. For more information, see ICC (Chip) Declines and Simplify Reversal Mode.


Forcing Simplify to exit reversal mode is an exception procedure that should only be used when necessary. If Simplify is forced out of reversal mode, the merchant will be responsible for ensuring that the transaction is reversed by the host, using the data in the Void Sale Response. Elavon strongly recommends allowing Simplify to reverse all host-approved transactions that are declined by the chip.