SAF Menu

The SAF Menu is available on systems supporting On-Device SAF. (See the Simplify Developer Guide for information on On-Device SAF.) This menu provides access to SAF reporting and database maintenance functions. Maintenance functions include file export, import and delete. The SAF Reports submenu provides the ability to report on one or more transactions in the SAF database.

The transaction fields included in SAF reports are configurable. Reports are automatically displayed; if a printer is available, a Print button can be used to print the report.

Accessing SAF Menu

  1. Select SAF Menu on the Elavon Main Menu to display this menu:

    SAF Menu

    Note: the above screenshot was taken on a Lane 3000.

Available Functions

  • 0 - Reports Menu – Displays the SAF Reports Menu with the following entries. Each selection displays information for one user-selected record (transaction) or for all records in the SAF Database matching the specified criteria:
    • All Rec Key - All transactions.
    • Rec By Key - One user-selected transaction, identified by SAF key (enter either the last 4 digits of the key or all 20 digits).
    • Rec By Seq# - One user-selected transaction, identified by POS sequence number.
    • Pending Rec - All pending (not processed and not expired) transactions.
    • Non-pending Rec - All non-pending (processed or expired) transactions.
    • SAF Approved Rec - All host-approved transactions.
    • SAF Declined Rec - All host-declined transactions.
    • SAF Voided Rec - All transactions with void codes.
    • Marked ‘Day Limit’ Rec - All expired transactions.
  • 1 - Export DB to File - Save all database records to a file.
  • 2 - Import File to DB - Import the contents of a file into the SAF database. The import file must be named SAF_IMP.FIL and formatted in the same manner as a SAF database export file. If a record in the import file has the same SAF key as an existing record in the database, that record will be skipped by the import process.
  • 3 - Delete and Re-create DB - Delete all database records and create empty database.

Using SAF Reports

Reports present transaction information as follows:

  • After the user selects transactions to report on, the SAF keys/POS sequence numbers/status codes for the transaction(s) will be displayed. Transactions are sorted and numbered by ascending key. The number of records found is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Information for up to four transactions will be displayed at a time. Press Next to display additional transactions, Previous to re-display transactions, Cancel to end report.
Displayed SAF Report
Printed SAF Report
  • To display details for a transaction, key the record number (from 1 to 4) for the transaction. Scroll down on the detail screen to view additional details. If a printer is available, you can press Print from the detail screen to print the transaction detail report. Samples showing an initial detail screen and a printed detail report are shown below. Note: Parameters control which details will be included in the report.
Displayed SAF Detail Report
Printed SAF Detail Report