Host Setup

The Host Setup menu displays the current values of parameters required for host communications. Most parameters on this menu are read-only. This menu can be used as follows:

Accessing Host Setup

  1. Select Host Setup on the Elavon Main Menu to display the following menu:

    Host Setup menu

Available Parameters

  • IP - View the IP address of the Fusebox gateway.
  • PORT - View the Fusebox port that communicates with Simplify.
  • SECURED - View whether or not communications with Fusebox are encrypted. (0=No, 1=Yes)
  • METHOD - View encryption type used for communications with Fusebox.
  • TMS ID - View/modify the TMS identifier. This is a HEM/IngEstate locator value assigned to the PIN Pad by Elavon. This value must only be changed on instructions from Elavon, using the Elavon-supplied value.