Transaction Inquiry (22)

Transaction Inquiry (Type 22) performs the following functions:

  • Transaction status inquiry in the Elavon Gateway application database.
  • Sent after a POS timeout when an error prevents your POS application from receiving or processing the Output Response data from the Elavon Gateway or a communication failure occurs.
  • The POS must be able to determine if transaction response is the expected response in the transaction lifecycle (is the amount correct), because the Elavon Gateway application only returns the current state of the last transaction approved.
  • By tracking the Elavon token or unique ID, from the original authorization, the Transaction Inquiry does not require the cardholder account number. However, in an error recovery situation, the output response is not returned to the POS application. The POS application Simplify retains the original transaction details until a successful authorization response is received.
  • Whenever a transaction status is uncertain, you can run Transaction Inquiry Type 22 to determine whether the transaction exists in the Elavon Gateway application database.
  • Transaction does not communicate to a third party processor.
  • Transaction type 22 functions without the need for Elavon Gateway applications to reach the host.

Transaction Inquiry searches the Active (Main) database for:

  • Reference Number (Field 7).
  • Token (Unique ID) or Account Number (Field 3).
  • Transaction Amount (Field 2). In the event of a partial authorization request, the amount may differ in the completed transaction.
  • If API Field 647=1 in the input request indicates a partial authorization, the system will allow the requested amount.
  • Elavon Gateway Terminal ID (Field 109) is provided in the Input Request.
  • Original Output Response is returned, if the record is found.
  • If the transaction is not found, the transaction can be resubmitted by the POS application for processing.


Elavon Gateway requires that your application support the Transaction Inquiry transaction type.

The value pair format below is an example of an inquiry on a credit card sale transaction.


1,22,<–Transaction Type–>
2,2,50<–Transaction Amount–>
3,4012XXXXXXXX1865<–Credit Card Number, Token or Unique ID. Token or Unique ID or Account Number can be passed–>
4,1220<–Credit Card Expiration Date–>
7,00013455<–Reference Number–>
25,030120<–Business Date–>
52,0<–Transponder and Proximity Indicator–>
60,00000001<–Unique Device ID–>
109,TERM1<–Terminal ID–>
110,105<–Cashier ID–>
115,010<–Transaction Qualifier–>
647,0<–Partial Authorization Acceptance–>
1008,ID:<–Requests Token or Unique ID in Input Request. Masked Account Number in Output Response–>
1105,DOCID:12345678901<–Global User Defined Field–>
5002,123456<–Device Serial Number–>
8002,LOC1<–Location Name–>
8006,CHAIN<–Chain Code–>


0001,07<–Transaction Type–>
0002,2,50<–Transaction Amount–>
0003,ID:7234561234561865<–Credit Card Number, Token or Unique ID. Token or unique ID or account number can be passed–>
0004,1220<–Credit Card Expiration Date–>
0006,000018<–Approval Code–>
0007,00013455<–Reference Number–>
0009,0010<–Host Batch Number–>
0025,030120<–Business Date–>
0030,1<–Online Indicator–>
0032,030120<–Authorization Transaction Date–>
0033,083518<–Authorization Transaction Time–>
0034,E<–Authorization Characteristics Indicator–>
0035,0100<–Validation Code–>
0036,001234567810100<–Transaction Identifier–>
0038,00<–Reason Code–>
0040,M<–CVV2 or CVC2 or CID Response–>
0043,101910<–System Trace Audit Number–>
52,0<–Transponder and Proximity Indicator–>
60,00000001<–Unique Device ID–>
0070,1111ABC<–Customer Code–>
0071,1<–Tax1 Indicator–>
0072,1.00<–Tax Amount 1–>
0109,TERM1<–Terminal ID–>
0110,105<–Cashier ID–>
0115,010<–Transaction Qualifier–>
0126,0<–Track Indicator–>
0128,2.50<–Original Authorization Amount–>
0130,2.50<–Total Authorized Amount–>
0131,<–Total Incremental Authorizations Sent–>
Industry Data<–The proper industry data would be supplied and the example is left–>
0632,10.00<–Account Balance–>
0700,135020<–Billing ZIP Code–>
0701,333 GENESEE STREET<–Billing Street Address–>
1000,VI<–Card Type–>
1000,VISA<–Card Name–>
1004,AP<–Final Four Host Response Message–>
1005,7993241<–Merchant Number–>
1008,401288******1865<–Requests token or Unique ID in Input Request. Masked Account Number In Output Response–>
1009,000<–Host Response Code–>
1020,A<–AVS Response Code–>
1105,DOCID:12345678901<–Global User Defined Field–>
5002,123456<–Device Serial Number–>
7007,12345678901234567<–Fusebox Transaction Identifier–>
8002,LOC1<–Location Name–>
8006,CHAIN<–Chain Code–>