Transaction Types

This section provides information about the various transaction types available to use with Elavon Gateway software. Your POS system interacts with Fusebox via a request, or some means of transmitting the data from your POS to Fusebox. The first entry in this file is Field 0001, Transaction Type. The Transaction Type field defines the type of transaction being initiated. The type of industry you are in determines the transaction types that are required.


All examples for each transaction type are for illustration purposes only. Examples in this section do not include all required and optional fields. Please refer to the appropriate concept section for industry specific, tokenization, encryption, or other feature related fields.

Refer to our Transaction Sequencing page for the flow of transaction statuses.

Authorization Transaction Types

Authorization type transactions place a hold on the cardholder open-to-buy or available credit amount. This amount is subtracted from the cardholder’s available credit and held to insure a future purchase.

The response is logged in the transaction log, and if approved by the issuer, stored in the active database or it may be added to an existing authorization with the same reference number and cardholder account number.

Elavon software applications pass the response to the POS system to process.

Return and Void Transaction Types

Admin Transaction Types