DCC Receipt Requirements

The DCC transaction receipt must contain:

  • The price of the goods or services in the Merchant’s home currency, accompanied by the currency symbol or code next to the amount.

  • The total price in the Transaction Currency accompanied by the words “Transaction Currency” and the currency symbol or code next to the amount.

    • The exchange rate used to convert the total price from the Merchant’s home currency to the Transaction Currency.
  • Any mark-up or commission included in the exchange rate as an amount or a percentage. This information may be shown as a separate line item or in the disclosure verbiage on the transaction receipt.

    • An “I accept” check-box indicating the cardholder’s acceptance of the currency conversion.

    • A statement in an area easily seen by the Cardholder stating that DCC is offered by the merchant.

Additional Transaction Receipt Requirements by Industry Type

eCommerce Merchants:

  • An “I accept” check-box indicating the cardholder’s acceptance of the currency conversion. This box may be pre-filled based on the “I Accept” button selection from the payment page; or

  • A statement indicating that the cardholder has been offered a choice of currencies including the merchant’s local currency.

Lodging Merchants – Priority Checkout (formerly known as Express Service Transactions):

  • Receipts for delayed and amended charges should be delivered to the cardholder within three business days of the charge.

Special Requirements for eCommerce and Cardholder Activated Terminals:

  • Screen messages at unattended POS terminals must not require the cardholder to select “Yes” or “No” when choosing currency conversion. Indirect means, such as the colors red and green, must not be used to influence the cardholder’s choice.

Language Requirements for DCC Receipts

  • Visa recommends that the DCC receipt be printed in English. As part of the DCC certification with Visa, all example sales receipts will be required to be translated to English.
dcc example receipt

Example Disclosure language:

“I have been offered the choice of currencies for payment including the merchant’s local currency. My decision to accept the currency conversion on this transaction is final. Currency Conversion is conducted by the Business Name. Cardholder expressly agrees to the Transaction Receipt information by marking the “Accept” box.”

In the lodging industry, receipts are not generally produced until the customer checks out and the receipt is in the form of a folio statement. DCC requires a disclosure document be provided to the customer when they opt-in to DCC. The following is a sample of what should be provided in this document.

dcc example disclosure

DCC Receipt Data

The following fields have been identified as being required on a DCC receipt.

140 (Merchant Currency)

  • Description: Merchant Transaction Currency Code
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

142 (Cardholder Currency)

  • Description: Cardholder ISO Currency Code
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

144 (Converted Currency Amount)

  • Description: Cardholder Transaction Amount
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

150 (DCC Rate)

  • Description: Foreign Currency Exchange Rate
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

151 (DCC Indicator)

  • Description: DCC Eligible terminal indicator. Valid values include:
    0 = Not DCC Capable
    1 = DCC Capable and cardholder has opted -in
    2 = DCC BIN match, but no corresponding rate for that currency
    3 = DCC capable, but cardholder has opted-out.
  • Approval: No
  • Decline: No

159 (DCC Exponent)

  • Description: Number of exponent digits in the DCC Rate
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

164 (DCC File ID)

  • Description: In the case where Simplify or the payment application performs the DCC Inquiry on behalf of the POS/PMS, they will need to populate the value from field 7007 in the transaction type 46 response into field 0164 in the authorization response to the PMS/POS. PMS/POS store this value for receipt printing and research of previous rates
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

165 (DCC Markup Percentage)

  • Field Name:
  • Description: DCC Rate markup with the 2 implied decimals (3.25% is 0325).
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

166 (DCC Rate Provider)

  • Description: Indicates the name of the currency rate provider
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No

7007 (Transaction Identifier)

  • Description: This field will be a unique identifier to reference the transaction. We advise that the PMS/POS store this value from the DCC Inquiry response for receipt printing and research of previous rates in financial transactions.
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: Yes

7007 (Check Box)

  • Description: The receipt should contain a check box marked appropriately to identify if the cardholder has opted in or opted out.
  • Approval: Yes
  • Decline: No