January 2023 R52 Release Notes

The R52 release on January 24, 2023 includes:

U.S. Updates

New Converge Products

Converge with Liquid Payments

Converge with Liquid Payments (CLPKG) is a new available product, and the PAX VAR is available as a related product.

Vendor Distributed (VD)V708013231

Converge with Authvia

Converge with Authvia (CAPKG) has been added as an option for retail and moto/int industries. The available security programs for Authvia are PCI Plus and PCI Basic.

Canada Updates

New VAR: RapidCents

A new value-added reseller (VAR), RapidCents, has been added for Scoop Canada.

Service Provided (SP)0212821779

Equipment Limited to Exchange

The following products are only available for exchange and no longer available for purchase:

  • Ingenico Canada ICT220 (C22C3)
  • Ingenico Canada ICT250 (C25C3)
  • Ingenico Canada IWL220B (C22B3)
  • Ingenico Canada IWL250G (C25G3)
  • Ingenico 220B Package with Charge Base (C2CG3)
  • Ingenico 220B Package with Comm Base (C2CM3)
  • Ingenico 250G Package with Comm Base (C5CM3)
  • Ingenico iPP315 Pin Pad Canada (P315C)
  • Ingenico iWL220B Charge Base (22CGC)
  • Ingenico iWL220B Comm Base (22CMC)
  • Ingenico Tetra Desk 5000 Canada (D500C)
  • Ingenico Tetra Desk 5000 with Pin Pad 315 Package (D5CPK)
  • Tetra Desk 5000E with Pin Pad 315 Package D5ECA w/ P315C (D5EPK)
  • Poynt 3G Package Canada (PT3GC)
  • Poynt 3G V2 Canada (P3G2C)