April 2023 R53 Release Notes

The R53 release on April 25, 2023 includes:

Global Experience Updates

New Funding Options: Pay by Day or Pay by Batch

Scoop US and Scoop CA now have new funding options, Pay by Day or Pay by Batch.

For PAPI users, the field is called payByBatch within ScarecrowApplication.

  • To Pay by Day, set the field value to “false”
  • To Pay by Batch, set it to “true”

Intermediary Business Ownership No Longer Required

Elavon no longer requires information on Intermediary Business Owners. The API data section, intermediaryOwnerInfo, is being made optional and any data in these fields will no longer be used.

Please note that secondary owner information for anyone owning 25% or more of the business is still required. This information will continue to be captured in the principal API data section called Person.

Plain Token Authorization for Push Notifications

A new push notification type, Plain, has been added. A partner can provide a token to Elavon and that token will be added to the authorization header in push notifications.

OAuth2 Authentication Now Recognized

All PAPI operations may now optionally be used with OAuth2 authentication instead of Basic Authentication. Refer to Getting Started for more details.

Increased Character Limit for Email Address Domain Name

Users can now input email addresses with longer domain names (ie. longer than “.com”). The maximum character limit for the Top Level Domain (TLD) in email addresses has been increased to 63 characters.

Signature Indicators Added for PAPI Stateless Flow

PAPI Stateless Flow now has HTML ID tags to make it easier to find the places where signatures are needed in documentation:

  • id tag, “signature-input”
  • id tag, “date-input”

Error Displayed when Submitting Different Data with Same Unique ID for PAPI Stateless Flow

PAPI Stateless Flow users now get an error message when trying to make more than one board attempt using the same uniqueId but with different data.

U.S. Updates

Credit Card Surcharge Fees Cannot Exceed 3%

Credit card surcharge fees may no longer exceed 3% in compliance with card brand requirements.

Canada (CA) Updates

Changes to Canadian Code of Conduct

The Q2 2023 Canadian Code of Conduct (CCoC) updates have been made, which include calculations for Interac Flash Interchange and new Voice Auth and Monthly Service fees.

Resolved Issues

BAY SKUs Added to PAPI Jurisdictions

It is now possible for PAPI partners to use Built Around You (BAY) pricing, now that BAY SKUs have been added to PAPI jurisdictions.