October 2022 R51 Release Notes

The R51 release on October 25, 2022 includes:

North America (NA) Updates

Improved Error Messaging for getterminalids

The error messages for the getterminalids operation is now more specific.

When the Merchant identification (MID) and uniqueId supplied do not match, then the error text, “MID and uniqueId are mismatched” appears.

The error text, “No Data Available” appears under two conditions:

  1. When only the MID is supplied and no Terminal identification (TID) is available.

  2. When the MID and uniquieID are supplied and match, but not TID is available.

3D Secure VAS is now called “3DS2.X”

The Value Added Service formerly known as “3D Secure VAS” is now called 3DS2.X. This name change is in the PDF document.

Resolved Issues

Date/Time Format Fixed in Signature Area

A change has been made so that the date and time has been formatted correctly in the signature area of the PDF document.