February 2022 R48 Release Notes

The R48 release on February 8, 2022 includes:

North America (NA) Updates

1. Scoop Direct (Direct Bill) Updates

Security Update: Reveal Only Last 4 Digits of Billing Account

For Scoop Direct US and Scoop Direct Canada, only the last 4 digits of the billing account number will now be shown on the merchant application PDF.

Updated Format for Card Acceptance and Pricing Section

For Scoop Direct US and Scoop Direct Canada, the text has been updated in the Card Acceptance and Pricing section. It now displays two card groups, Visa/MC/Discover/Union Pay and American Express, with the Rate and Per Item fields both set to current pricing guide values.

2. Costco Updates

Membership Type Obtained from Costco API

For both Costco US and Costco Canada, the Costco Membership Type is now populated with the correct value (Executive or Non-Executive) from the Costco API when a valid active Costco Membership number is provided. Applicants can no longer change this value once it’s filled by the Costco API.

Costco Membership Type Added to PDF

For both Costco US and Costco Canada, the applicant’s Costco Membership Type has been added to the Merchant Agreement PDF right below the Costco Membership account number in the “Other Company Information” section.

Costco Self-Board Rates

For Costco US Self-Board, the Qualified rate and Rewards rate have been updated to match the current price guide.

U.S. Updates

1. Pricing Plan Changes (C&S, BAY)

“Clear and Simple” Pricing Plan Renamed “Built Around You”

For FI/USB, MSP US, MSP Fusebox Partner, Agent, and Costco US, the pricing plan formerly known as “Clear and Simple” has been renamed “Built Around You.”

“Clear and Simple” Plans Removed

“Clear and Simple” plans have been removed from FI/USB, MSP US, MSP Fusebox Partner, Agent, and Costco US jurisdictions.

“BAY 260&10” Plan Now Available

For FI/USB and Agent, pricing plan C&SE 260&10 (BAY) has been renamed BAY 260&10. BAY 260&10 has been added as a new pricing method for MSP US and MSP Fusebox Partner.

New “Built Around You” (BAY) Plans Added

New “Built Around You” Plans have been added for FI/USB, MSP US, MSP Fusebox Partner, Agent, and Costco US.

2. New Product: talech Link 2500v2

For FI/USB, Costco US, Agent, MSP US, and Direct Bill US, talech Link 2500v2 has been added to the ePOS tab of the product catalog in the Point of Sale section whenever TALMO, TC001, TC003, or TC007 is selected. However, this product is currently hidden in the UI until it’s ready for sale.

3. New Fee for Enterprise Channel: Choice QV Support Fee

Enterprise Channel has a new miscellaneous fee option called Choice QV Program Support Fee.

4. Athena Embedded Updates

“Leasing Equipment” Phrase Removed from the Merchant Application PDF

For Athena Embedded, the phrase, “including when leasing equipment,” has been removed from the first paragraph of the Company Representations and Certifications section of the merchant application.

Updated Fee Percentages and MPPs

For Athena Embedded, the default values for % Fees of Card Swiped and Key Entered have been updated to remain consistent with current pricing.

In the Pricing section, MPP 29067 has been changed to MPP 29169 and MPP 29068 has been changed to MPP 29170.

Canada Updates

1. Canadian Code of Conduct Updates

For MSP Canada, Canada Direct, Canada Costco, and Scoop Direct Canada, the Canadian Code of Conduct Disclosure Form has been updated with new fee rates to remain consistent with currently approved pricing.

2. Removed: Desk 1500 Package

For MSP Canada, Desk 1500 Package (D5ECP) has been removed from the product catalog of the Point of Sale section.

3. Fees Set Based on Costco Membership Type

For Costco Canada, the Statement Fee and Application Fee now have default values based on Costco Membership Type. These fees generally only apply to Non-Executive members. Default fee values have been updated according to the pricing guide.

4. Miscellaneous Fees Updated for Costco Canada

For Costco Canada, the default values for three miscellaneous fees have been changed based on the Settlement Currency selected in the Customer Information section. Default fee values have been updated to be consistent with current price guides.