April 2022 R49 Release Notes

The R49 release on April 26, 2022 includes:

North America (NA) Updates

1. talech Enhancements

New talech Register Packages

When talech Premium, talech Standard, or talech Starter is selected, then two new packages become available: talech Register for Restaurant and talech Register for Retail. Once a package is selected, then all related products are also selected. Each item is rented according to the terms of the package and pricing cannot be modified.

New Product Available: Poynt C

Poynt C has been added to the POS and ePOS tabs in the eBoarding sales UI. The product will be hidden until later this year when it is ready to launch.

Locking Functionality Changed

The locking functionality for talech products has been corrected on the ePOS tab, so that all compatible products and services are available when applicable.

Support Service Field No Longer Displayed

Under talech Service Options, the Support Service field is no longer displayed.

Renaming: “talech Getting Started” is Now “talech Assisted Set-Up”

The talech service option, “talech Getting Started” has been renamed “talech Assisted Set-Up.” This option can be found under talech Service Options in the Remote Install and Training field. The fee for this field defaults to the jurisdiction’s respective price guide.

2. Default URL for No Internet Card Acceptance

For talech and Converge, the Business Website URL field is now defaulted in order to support billing and invoicing capabilities when there is no internet card acceptance.

3. Terminal ID Removed from Omnicommerce

When Card Acceptance Split is Omni Commerce, then the “Terminal ID Type” field is no longer displayed and the IndustryCode field does not get sent to Global Boarding API (GBAPI).

4. Poynt and Newland Standalone Options

For MSP US, Direct Bill US, MSP CA, and Direct Bill CA, the following products are now available as standalone on the POS tab for all industries:

  • N910 – Newland 910
  • P61V2 – Poynt V2
  • PYT5 – Poynt 5 terminal
  • N910C – Newland 910 Canada
  • PV2CA – Poynt V2 Canada
  • PT5CA – Poynt 5 terminal Canada

For FI/USB, Agent, Costco US, CA Direct, and CA Costco these products are only available as standalone when the industry is Lodging:

  • N910 – Newland 910
  • P61V2 – Poynt V2
  • PYT5 – Poynt 5 terminal
  • N910C – Newland 910 Canada
  • PV2CA – Poynt V2 Canada
  • PT5CA – Poynt 5 terminal Canada

U.S. Updates

1. PINless Debit Improvements

PINless Debit Default Values for FI/USB and Agent

For FI/USB and Agent, when the pricing method is Enhanced Interchange Plus, Interchange Plus, or Tiered and PINless Debit is selected, then the PINless Debit % fee and PINless Debit per Transaction fee are defaulted to the current price guide values.

PINless Debit Changes for MSP US, MSP Fusebox, and Enterprise

For MSP US, MSP Fusebox, and Enterprise, PINless Debit Pricing now applies to each debit network. Both the Per Auth and % Fee fields default to current price guide values and cannot be changed. The Per Transaction Fee field also has a default value based on the current price guide, but this value can be changed in the UI.

2. New BOTW Banker Assisted Offers

For Bank of the West (BOTW) Banker Assisted, three new product offers are now available:

  • Free Mobile
  • Surcharge with Terminal
  • Surcharge with Mobile

3. New Product: ING DESK 3500 with WiFi for MSP US

For MSP US, ING DESK 3500 with WiFi has been added to the POS tab under Ingenico. It is Safe-T compatible but not required. When ING Desk 3500 with WiFi is selected, then Desk 1500 (D1500) is available as a related product.

4. New VAR: Core Commerce

For FI/USB, Agent, MSP US, and Enterprise, Core Commerce VAR has been added to the VAR tab of the product catalog in the Point of Sale section of the eBoarding sales UI.