April and May 2021 R45 Release Notes

For R45: April updates are effective beginning April 11, 2021, and May updates go into effect on May 4, 2021.

Global Experience Updates

1. Documentation

Document Uploading
Elavon’s background processes now handle higher volumes of documents more quickly and accurately, so you can work more efficiently.

Electronic Signatures The size and alignment of electronic signatures are now consistent across all PDF documents with signatures.

2. Push Notifications

BOARDING_STATUS push notifications are now available to Partners. Email sat-api-support@elavon.com to register for BOARDING_STATUS push notifications.

3. Guided Flow Improvements

Multiple Applications (April Release) The checkbox used to sign multiple applications within a group is now displayed only when there is more than one application in the group.

Contact Us The Contact Us details now direct you to the correct salesperson.

4. Merchant Category Code (MCC)

New Merchant Category Codes (MCC) have been added:

  • 5552 - Electric Vehicle Charging
  • 5815 - Digital Goods: Media
  • 5816 - Digital Goods: Games
  • 5817 - Digital Goods: Applications

North America (NA) Updates

1. New Products

New products have been added to Global API (GBAPI) lookup tables:

  • Item Code A920U - PAX A920 Class A US
  • Item Code A920C - PAX 1920 Class A CAN
  • Item Code A92UT - Talech PAX US
  • Item Code 920BS - PAX A920 Base

2. Uploaded File Validation

The validation of uploaded file sizes is improved to warn of oversized files more quickly.

Validation Rules:

  • You can upload up to 5 files at a time.
  • Individual files must be no larger than 15 MB each.

3. Push Notifications

  • Push Notifications now include the chainId when a new chain is requested.

  • Email sat-api-support@elavon.com to register for the following push notifications:

  • Stateless Flow Push Notifications
    Partners implementing a Stateless flow can now register to receive push notifications when a boarding application status is updated. Notifications include Terminal IDs (TIDs) and Converge Credentials when applicable.

4. VAR validation removal

VAR validation is removed from GBAPI. You can add new certified VARs as easily as updating the SAT catalog.

5. Restocking Fee removal

The Restocking Fee clause for cancelling rental equipment has been removed from the Merchant Agreement PDF.

6. Migration from Akana

These services have been migrated from Akana:

  • Everything in front of GBAPI, including Partner API (PAPI) to and from GBAPI
  • One and Done
  • Retrieval Service

Completing this migration has resulted in significant improvements to speed, performance, and reliability of messaging between systems, webpage experience, document processing, and application status.

U.S. Updates

1. eCommerce Tier

You can now add an eCommerce pricing tier to the Clear & Simple Built Around You (“C&SE 260&10 (BAY)”) Monetary Pricing Program (29300). The eCommerce tier consists of an eCommerce % Fee and a Per Transaction Fee.

2. Equipment Ownership Type

Rental, installment, own (exchange), and own (existing) options have expanded for certain equipment and peripheral devices.

3. Converge

We have fixed an issue that occurred when configuring for a manual or automated Converge setup.

Canada Updates

1. Required Update: Remove AML Beneficial Owner Exemption

From April 11, 2021 the ownerExemptionType key must be removed from all Canadian integrations; AML Beneficial Owner Exemption will NOT be supported after this date.

Any applications that contain this key after April 11, 2021 will experience an error.

2. AMEX Monthly Card Sales Increase

The maximum amount allowed for American Express (AMEX) Monthly Card Sales has increased to CAD 83,333.

3. Defaults for Interac Chip and PIN Per Auth

Interac Chip and PIN Per Auth now default to zero.

Mexico Updates

1. New Field: Distributed Product Code

A new DistributedProductCode has been added:
Centro de Pagos Light

  • Key: 2524
  • DistributedVendorCode: MITIYT

2. New Fee Type Codes

New FeeTypeCode values have been added:

  • MonthlyVirtualStore - Key: VSM
  • AnnualVirtualStore - Key: VSA