August 2021 R46 Release Notes

The R46 release on August 3, 2021 includes:

North America (NA) Updates

1. New talech Products

Talech ELO iSeries 4G Slim will be added as new hardware and peripherals.

2. Chain Account Updates

Direct Bill, Enterprise, Scoop US, and Scoop Canada will be able to use a Chain Account number for the:

  • Deposit Account
  • Billing Account
  • Chargeback Account

3. AT&T SIM Card Updates

The AT&T 250 MB SIM Card (AT250) will be added as a related product to Tetra Move 5000, talech Starter, talech Standard, and talech Premium.

Two SIM cards that are no longer in use will be removed:

  • AT&T 1 MB SIM Card (ATTSC)
  • Gold SIM Card (250SC)

4. CRC Language Updates

References to the American Express (AMEX) “Opt Blue” program will be replaced with “Acceptance Program.”

Verbiage will be added to specifically address counterpart signatures.

U.S. Updates

1. Athena Statement Default Delivery

For non-embedded users, statement delivery method will default to electronic, but users can choose paper delivery.

For embedded Athena users, chargebacks and retrievals will be sent by email by default. Partners must provide an email address.

2. New PCI Fee Codes

PCI Basic has a new fee code, and PCI Plus will now be a Security Program option.

  • PCI Basic fee code: 92438
  • PCI Plus fee code: 92440

As a reminder, these are the Security Program rules for FI/USB, MSP US, MSP Fusebox Partners, and Agent:

  • A Security Program is required, regardless if the product(s) are Safe-T compatible or not.

  • All Security Program options require a Discounted Program Fee.

    • If Safe-T is required by the POS device, PCI Basic and PCI Plus are not applicable.
    • If Safe-T is compatible, one of the following is required: PCI Basic, PCI Plus, Safe-T Silver, Safe-T Gold, or Safe-T Solo (SMB).
    • If Safe-T is not compatible, then PCI Basic or PCI Plus is required.
  • Currently, the devices that require Safe-T are Poynt products and the Newland 910.

3. New Product Offer for Bank of the West Banker Assisted

Bank of the West Banker Assisted users will now have a new product offer called “Do Not Choose Project Falcon Only.” This new product offer contains the same products as the mobile offer, except the card reader will not be deployed.

4. New Product: Desk 1500

For FI/USB, Costco US, MSP US, Direct Bill US, Agent, and Scoop US, Desk 1500 will be added to the product catalog, and iPP315 will be removed.

5. New VARs for Scoop U.S.

For Scoop U.S., U-Haul, Rockspoon, and Ingenico Roam Gateway will be added as Value Added Resellers (VARs).

6. Fusebox Updates

Fusebox VARs and associated Fusebox Bundles will be available by subjurisdiction.

7. National Accounts for Enterprise

For Enterprise, the account type “National” can now be sent to AEP.

Canada Updates

1. Canadian Code of Conduct Changes

The Canadian Code of Conduct will be updated to include referencing Payments Insider as the tool used to access processing statements.

Resolved Issues

1. Selecting Additional talech Products

When talech products TC001, TC003, and TC007 are available, the quantity will be defaulted as 1. Users will be able to add additional software (TALAD) by selecting the “+” sign.

Users will be restricted to selecting only one kind of talech software; TALMO, TC001, TC003, and TC007 can’t be ordered together on one application.

2. Locking talech Peripherals

A fix has been made so that other peripherals are no longer locked when talech peripherals are selected.