Boarding Timeouts

If Elavon Systems are not responding as expected due to an unexpected issue or planned maintenance, it is important for partner systems to be able to handle the scenario properly. Please follow the steps outlined below to ensure your application is correctly resubmitted.

Avoiding Duplicate Applications

  1. Ensure the uniqueId is wholly original and never repeated for subsequent applications. It should also be different from any application you have previously submitted for the particular environment being used (QA or Production). The uniqueId is limited to 32 characters.


Using the partner’s name followed by a millisecond timestamp is a good way to create a uniqueId.

Example: AcmeCorp1572566399123

  1. For each boarding request, wait 90 seconds for the AWB response to be returned.

    • If 90 seconds elapses and there is still no response, send the boarding request again WITHOUT changing the uniqueId. The uniqueId MUST remain identical to the original application request.
  2. If ALL THREE of the following are true:

    • You already submitted the application,
    • No response was returned, and
    • Data in the application needs to be modified (example: Customer wants to correct a phone number or address),

    Then update the data and create a NEW uniqueId.

Recognizing a Duplicate Application Error Message

If an application with the same uniqueId is submitted and received more than once, the Elavon system will respond to all additional boarding requests with a duplicate error message like the following, which also provides the original AWB reference number. No further resubmissions are necessary.

   "error" : "com.elavon.scarecrow.api.impl.boarding.
   DuplicateBoardingException: Duplicate boarding: TypeCode: type Code: 306
   Description: 'error - Duplicate request -app already exists with the source reference number 'AWB: AWB4603689',
   "boardingId" : "AWB4603689",
   "duplicateRequest" : true

Retry Logic

Keeping in mind the above instructions for uniqueId, please follow the steps below for when to resubmit an application when no AWB or error response is returned when expected.

Use this timetable when attempting to resubmit your application:

  • First retry after 90 seconds.
  • Then retry every 15 minutes for 4 hours.
  • Then retry every 60 minutes for 72 hours.

Following the retry timetable will work well for planned or unplanned outages. Outages can usually be detected by a 404 or 911 error. For any other error, you should contact your support team to resolve the issue.