It’s mandatory to have at least one piece of equipment. For the case of a third party vendor managing their own equipment, at least one Value Added Reseller (VAR) code must be sent. Contact your Elavon relationship manager for the VAR code(s).

equipmentInfo elements

codeRequired if equipment is selected. Equipment item code assigned to the product by Elavon.
quantityRequired. The number or amount of products chosen.
trainingTypeIndicates if training is to be given (TRAINING or NONE).
amountCost of the equipment
purchaseTypeRequired if equipment is selected. Method used to pay for equipment.
connectionTypeRequired if equipment is selected. Connection type of product (examples: standard, wireless).
terminalTypeRequired when the pricingCategory is OMNICOMMERCE; in this case, a terminal/terminal ID must be assigned for both internet and non-internet transactions. Otherwise, this field is optional. Define whether the terminal will be used for internet or non-internet transactions.
securityLevelOptional. Additional security services applied to terminal (examples: basic, SAFE-T).
typeRequired if terminal services have been selected. Terminal services to be applied to equipment items (example: contactless).