Release Notes

5.7.0 | August 2023

EBT SupportMerchants will be able to run Cash Benefit and Food Stamp based card transactions.
On-demand reboot for Moby/5500Merchants will be able to reboot the Moby/5500 card reader during off hours.
On-demand set shutdown timeout for Moby/5500Merchants will be able to configure the automatic shutdown timeout for Moby/5500 card reader when it is running on battery power.

Note: It is only supported for iOS and Android.

Multi-device connection (MDC) support for CWS on hosted TV modeAllow multiple card readers (with IP connection capability, either Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to connect to a CWS instance for concurrent processing.

TCP/IP as client should be set up on card reader.

Discontinue C# Trans application with CWS On-Demand featuresThe updated version has discontinued the on-demand functionality in the C# sample app and it’s now merged into C# sample app for transactions.

There were two separate apps previously.

5.5.0 | March 2023

On-demand sound volume control for RBA/UPP devicesMerchants will be able to change the sound volume on their card readers:
  • RBA (Retail Base Application)
    • iCMP
    • iPP320
    • iSC250
    • iUC285
  • UPP (Unified Payment Platform)
    • Link/2500
    • Lane/3000
    • Lane/5000
    • Self/4000

There are five volume levels: Silent, Low, Medium, High, and Max.

On-demand phone number entry on a terminal/pinpadMerchants will be able to allow customers to enter their 10-digit phone number on a terminal/pinpad:
  • RBA (Retail Base Application)
    • iCMP
    • iPP320
    • iSC250
  • UPP (Unified Payment Platform)
    • Link/2500
    • Lane/3000
    • Lane/5000
    • Self/4000
USB connectivity support for Moby/5500 on AndroidMerchants with Android device(s) will be able to connect Moby/5500 card reader via USB.

Note: The supported version is Android 8+.

New process for SSL certificate updatePreviously, integrators had to get a new CSDK release containing a new SSL certificate (required for TCP/IP connected devices) when the old certificate expired. The new process, however, will allow CSDK to automatically download the new SSL certificate and push it to the device/card reader.

Note: This introduces breaking changes for integrators due to requirement to provide Bridge Maintenance System (BMS) credentials.

5.3.0 | November 2022

Multi-device connection (MDC) support for CWS set on the remote desktopAllow multiple card readers (with IP connection capability, either Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to connect to a CWS instance for concurrent processing.

TCP/IP as client should be set up on card reader.

Receipt enhancementsAllow separate receipt copies for merchant and customer based on their preferred language:
  • Merchant’s account language.
  • Cardholder’s pre-set language.
TCP/IP support for AndroidResolved TCP/IP SSL issue found in CSDK 5.2 release.
Removal of support for Android 5.0 (AP21)CSDK 5.3 now supports Android 5.1 (API 22) or later.

5.2.0 | August 2022

New unattended device support: Ingenico Self/4000Added support for Self/4000 device with a physical keypad that equips vending machines and kiosks for secure payment acceptance.
Cash AdvanceEligible merchants can now support cash advance transactions for their customers. Only available to financial institutions such as banks.
Tip Adjust for Force Sale & Pre-AuthMerchants allow customers the option to add a tip amount after a transaction is processed.
CWS silent installer with optional printer/check reader installationSilent installer allows customers to skip printer/check reader installation for CWS.
Bitcode Support for iOSEnabled bitcode for CSDK frameworks.
EMV Contactless fallback to EMV ContactAfter three consecutive EMV Contactless card read errors the device will prompt user to continue the transaction using EMVContact/Swipe.
CARD_REMOVED notification for EMV contact & Quick Chip transactionsThe POS system will receive notification when card is removed from card reader during EMV contact or Quick Chip transaction.
Simplified manual entry processThe simplified manual entry process allows the POS system to set a card-present flag when starting a manual entry transaction instead of setting it during a callback.
New 24-hour reboot option for UPP devices (UPP v7.82 & above)The new 24-hour reboot option allows the card reader to reboot at the exact set reboot time, instead of the previous 30-minute window. This change is only applicable to card readers with UPP v7.82 or above.
Option to remove amount from card prompt screen for CWSCWS allows the POS to set a flag that indicates if the amount should be displayed on card entry prompt when starting a transaction.
Partner App Id SupportIntegrator can add Partner App ID value to http request.

5.1.0 | February 2022

Link2500 V2 (SAFE) support for USAdded support for a new Link2500 device model for US.
Firmware upgrade for Lane3000 & Lane5000 from UPP 5.08.08 to UPP 7.82.01.New firmware additionally supports UnionPay (UPI) EMV Contactless.
Quick Chip support for Link2500 V2 (SAFE), Lane3000 & Lane5000EMV transaction process that allows a customer to remove their card early without waiting for the transaction response to be validated against the chip on the card. This is intended to speed up transaction times and create a better customer experience at checkout.
Debit Balance Inquiry supportAllows cardholders to check the balance on their debit card.
HSA support for Android & CWSAllows merchants in the healthcare sector to specify additional fields related to healthcare amounts and required to process a sale transaction using HSA card. HSA support for iOS was added in CSDK 5.0.1.
Updated surcharge/service fee confirmation for Android & CWSFor percentage-based extra charge, the confirmation only contains percent instead of both percent and the extra charge amount, on either card reader or POS system.
PreAuth increment for both debit and creditAllows merchants to check if a customer has the necessary funds for additional charges tied to an existing PreAuth transaction.
Post-Auth EMV Tip adjustEnables merchants to allow customer to add a tip amount after a transaction is processed.
Resource package separation for iOSMuch like Java, the resource packages for the devices supported by CSDK are separated into different frameworks, one for each device.
This change allows integrator to only include the resource packages for the devices into the iOS POS application integrated with CSDK. As a result, the size of the POS application is much smaller.
ECLTransactionOutcome & ECLTransactionSearchResult now return:
  • getNote()
  • getMerchantTransactionReference()
Note and Merchant Transaction Reference are now available in ECLTransactionOutome and ECLTransactionSearchResult.
OnDemand CalculateExtraChargeAllows POS to get a calculated service fee for a base amount from Converge on demand.
CARD_REMOVE_PROMPTED and CARD_REMOVED notification sent back to POS for Android & CWSPOS system can now receive CARD_REMOVE_PROMPTED and CARD_REMOVED notification for EMV contact transactions.


CWS requires transaction id for incoming request

As of 5.1.0 release CWS requires transaction id from any subsequent incoming transaction related requests after receiving startPaymentTransaction request. The transaction id is returned from CWS in the response for startPaymentTransaction request. For C# application, the transaction id can be obtained from an CWSEvent object in the callback for notifications from CWS. A new property chanId is added to C# class CWSEvent.

5.0.1 | September 2021

HSA SupportIf healthcare amounts are not provided, CommerceSDK will perform a bin lookup on the card and return the result via a callback method.
Note: Only healthcare-enabled terminals are supported.
Extra charge confirmation updateFor percentage-based extra charge, the confirmation only contains percent instead of both percent and the extra charge amount, on either card reader or POS system.

4.7.0 | August 2021

Device Audit Fields SupportSending device audit information in xml authorization request to Converge. Audit fields include device model, serial numbers and some other EMV statistic information, like number of EMV contact, contactless transactions ran through.
Firmware Update for ROAMReceived new device Firmware from partner company Ingenico Mobility. This new FW has Bin WhiteListing file (for Gift card) in encrypted and signed form.
It takes about 1.5 minutes for the actual firmware update, then the device needs to reboot (you need to do manual reboot if Moby/5500 is not plugged in and charging). After the device successfully reboots, there is a short Elavon configuration update which takes about 10-15 seconds (this update does not require a reboot). So total time is about 2-2.5 minutes.
Gift BIN Whitelisting extensionWhen a gift card is swiped or manually keyed in and the card number is in Bin Whitelisting range, the card reader returns card number in plain text form. Upon receiving the card number, CSDK encrypts the data immediately and sends the encrypted data to integrated POS system. Note there is no change how credit card number is handled, i.e. always in masked form.
Support for OAR and PS2000OAR and PS2000 are representation of a SALE/Stand Alone Refund/Pre-Auth transaction authorized on Converge. It is returned to POS system by CSDK along with transaction outcome. If merchant wants to perform secondary transaction on the original transaction, the POS system can pass on the OAR and PS2000 data associated with the original transactions to CSDK.
OAR and PS2000 data are transaction specific and contain PCI data (mainly PAN) but it should already be encrypted and CSDK does not store it.


Contactless on RP457 CL1To conform to Compliance, Contactless interface is disabled on RP457 C1

4.6.0 | April 2021

Pinless DebitCommerce SDK now supports Pinless Debit that provides merchants with the ability to route eligible debit transactions under $50 to domestic debit networks with lower processing fees without the need for a PIN entry.
Service Fees (iUC285, UPP, RBA, ROAM Devices)Commerce SDK now allows merchants to offset the cost of payment acceptance by applying a service fee to a cardholder transaction making payment processing effectively free. This program is only available to a select set of organizational types as established by the card brands. Service fees must be disclosed clearly to the cardholder prior to completion of the transaction. For ROAM devices, Commerce SDK will send service fee confirmation to Integrator’s POS system through API callbacks instead of sending service fee confirmation to a card reader.
Lane number supportMulti-lane retailers now have the ability to send up a unique value that will identify the lane from which the transaction was originated.
Confirmation Amount Screen RemovalIn order simplify the transaction flow and improve customer payment experience, a cardholder is no longer required to confirm the transaction amount after the card is processed by a card reader.
Contactless CVM Limit Updates
card brandcountryold CVM limitnew CVM limit
CWS Reliability and Stability Enhancements
  1. Dynamic logging: CWS Integrators can now conveniently adjust the log level for CWS log files using the tray app.
  2. CWS transaction process reset change: The tray app CWS restart is now available for non-admin users.

4.5.2 | March 2021

Lane3000 USB connectivity to Android DevicesLane/3000 can be connected to Android devices via USB Type-A port now.
CVV2 prompt is removed for key-entered card present transactionsThe Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) should not be required for key-entered card present transactions.
New deviceCommerce Web Services now support iUC285 - unattended card reader for self-service business in US.

4.4.0 | August 2020

New deviceAdded support for Lane/3000 & Lane/5000 for US and Canada
Surcharge in-AppThe Credit Surcharge feature (see CSDK 4.3.0 release notes) is now available for RP457 & Moby/5500 card readers.
To support surcharge when connected to those devices, Commerce SDK will send surcharge confirmation to Integrator’s POS system through API callbacks instead of sending surcharge confirmation to card reader.
Optional Signature CaptureAdded option for merchants to configure whether to prompt for a signature or not.

4.3.0 | June 2020

New deviceAdded support for Moby/5500
Credit Card Cost Control (Credit Surcharge)The Credit Surcharge feature automatically detects credit card transactions by searching for a BIN (bank identification number). If the BIN is valid, a credit surcharge is applied as an additional charge equal to the credit card provider’s transaction processing fee. The cardholder receives an alert when a surcharge is added, and has the option to accept the surcharge or change the payment type to debit to avoid paying a fee.
Customer Support enables this feature during the new terminal set up process. If an existing customer would like this feature, they can contact Customer Support at 1-800-377-3962 to request a new terminal or have their current terminal altered.

4.2.0 | February 2020

New device for Canada AddedLink/2500 support for Canada
UPP UpdateA new version of UPP (UPP 5.08.08) will be pushed to all Link/2500 devices not running UPP 5.08.08. Merchants will need to be prepared for a 15-30 minute update of their device as a result. Please keep application integrated with CSDK running in the foreground and keep mobile device from going to sleep during the update, otherwise card reader might get disconnected and UPP update will not be completed. If this happens, UPP update will restart when a card reader connection is restored. If you encounter any issues due to the interrupted update, please reboot your device and restart the application. Once the update is complete, the device will reboot itself.
Link/2500 Standby Timeout is offStandby timeout for Link/2500 is disabled. Please check the battery run-time table for Link/2500 and make sure to charge your device when required.
Link/2500 Menu changesAdmin Menu has changed for Link/2500. Please check the device updated connection guide.
Find devicesBefore attempting to connect to devices such as card readers and printers, you have an option to set the specific connection criteria to use during the device search, which will result in a faster connection to the device.
Contactless CVM limit updateCardholder Verification Method (CVM) limits are updated for contactless payments to reflect changes made by payment card association brands:
card brandcountryold CVM limitnew CVM limit

Battery run-time for WiFi Connection:

Transaction TypeTotal TransactionsTotal Time
EMV transaction after every 5 minutes72 EMV Contact transactions9 hours 11 minutes
Contactless transaction after every 5 minutes124 EMV C'less transactions**9 hours 44 minutes
Contactless transaction after every 10 minutes56 EMV C'less transaction8 hours and 2 minutes

Battery run-time for Bluetooth Connection:

Transaction TypeTotal TransactionsTotal Time
EMV transaction after every 5 minutes86 EMV contact transactions7 hours 19 minutes
Contactless transaction after every 5 minutes104 EMV C'less transactions8 hours 52 minutes
Contactless transaction after every 10 minutes74 EMV C'less transactions8 hours 15 minutes

4.1.0 | July 2019

64 Bit Support (Android)The Commerce SDK build system, sample app, and 3rd party libraries now support 64-bit Android devices.
Android Gradle Plugin UpgradeThe development environment to build Android applications with Commerce SDK now requires Android Gradle Plugin 3.0.1.

4.0.0 | March 2019

Windows Bluetooth SupportCommerce SDK now supports Bluetooth connections between a Windows host and an iCMP card reader.
US Common DebitCommerce SDK now supports US Common Debit Application IDs (AIDs). As the name suggests, this feature is enabled only for US terminals.

If a card with a mix for US Common Debit and non-US Common Debit AIDs is used, you have a choice to specify the preference for the routing network - either in the Converge terminal or through the POS application, using Commerce SDK APIs. The choices are: US Common Debit preferred, credit preferred or no preference - in which case the user would have to choose their preferred option in the event there are multiple choices.

PIN BypassCommerce SDK now allows the user to bypass PIN entry for the US terminals.

PIN entry bypass is a systematic way for a customer to bypass entering the PIN on a terminal. In such a scenario, neither PIN data nor CVM results of online PIN may be sent in the authorization request message and the system will move on to the next available CVM (signature, no CVM etc.)

Supported brands: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Visa US Common Debit, Mastercard US Common Debit, Discover US Common Debit, Union Pay and JCB

EMV RefundCommerce SDK now supports chip based refunds for all the card brands.
New DevicesAdded support for Link/2500, iPP320 V4 and iSC250 V4.
24-Hour RebootCommerce SDK now supports setting the daily reboot time of PCI V4 terminals.

As a PCI requirement, all PCI V4 terminals must reboot after 24 hours of continous running time.

RBA UpdateA new version of RBA (RBA 23) will be pushed to all devices not running RBA 23. Merchants will need to be prepared for an 8-10 minute update of their device as a result. Once the update is complete, the device will reboot itself.
Enforced SSLCommerce SDK now enforces SSL on all operations via IP except for the initial card reader connection and update operations. Commerce SDK will also enforce SSL on all terminals.
Visa Online PINCommerce SDK now includes online PIN as a cardholder verification method (CVM) for Visa transactions.
CUP Online PINCommerce SDK now includes online PIN as a cardholder verification method (CVM) for China Union Pay transactions.
3rd Party Software LicenseUpdated list of 3rd party software licenses.

3.3.0 | March 2018

Interac Chip-Based (EMV) RefundsAvailable for Canada only.

Supported devices: iCMP and iPP320

Supported platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android

Supported card entry types: Contact and Contactless

Supported refund types: Linked refund and Standalone refund

RP457c Device SupportAvailable for US only.

Supported platforms: iOS and Android

Includes EMV Contact, MSR Contactless, and MSR card entry type capabilities

Supported connection types: Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack connections

USB On-the-Go (OTG) for M70Available for US only.

Supported platform: Android

The RP457c device can be used within the M70 enclosure.

Device Stability ImprovementsStability improvements around device connectivity and device freezing problems.

3.1.0 | October 2017

Communication Over IPSupport for communication over IP is now available on Android.
EMV ContactlessEMV Contactless is now supported on all certified devices. This is supported as part of the update. No action is needed.
Expanded Geography SupportCommerce SDK now supports the Canadian market with the iPP320 and iCMP. Support is now available for Android and Windows. This includes support for Interac, French language on supported pinpads and EMV Contactless.


US and Canadian devices are unique. A US device cannot be used to test Canada and vise versa.

Merchant Transaction Reference NumberIntegrators now have the ability to pass in a unique identifier for each initiated transaction.
Merchant Transaction Reference Number SearchIntegrators can now perform a search using the Merchant Transaction Reference Number. The only supported search is exact match on reference number.
Pinpad Upgrade DetectionIntegrators can now determine if a supported pinpad will need to be updated prior to initiating a transaction.
RBA UpdateA new version of RBA (RBA 20) will be pushed to all devices not running RBA 20. Merchants will need to be prepared for an 8-10 minute update of their device as a result. Once the update has completed the device will reboot itself.

2.5.0 | February 2017

IP ConnectivityCommerce SDK now supports the ability to communicate to an iPP320 or iSC250 pinpad over IP.

This requires an Ingenico Magic Box in order to assist with this communication.

Support for IP connectivity is only available for iOS, Windows Java, C# and Commerce Web Service.

Address Verification Service (AVS) SupportIntegrators can now pass in AVS fields as part of a manual entry sale.
Encrypted Card ReadCommerce SDK now allows an integrator to perform an encrypted card read so an integrator can support gift card or loyalty card through Converge.
Connection and Battery StatusIntegrators now have the ability to obtain information on if the pinpad is connected to the point of sale, as well as, information on the battery status if utilizing a battery powered pinpad.
Reset Card ReaderIntegrators now have the ability to reset the card reader prior to authorization through Commerce SDK.
EMV Support for Auth OnlyCommerce SDK now supports EMV for Auth Only transactions.
EMV Partial Approval SupportCommerce SDK now supports EMV for partial approval transactions.
Token Request (Auth Only)An integrator can now request a token as part of an Auth Only transaction.
New Integrator FieldsTo better understand who is integrating Commerce SDK, integrators will now be required to provide information about their point-of-sale application.

The following information must be supplied by the integrator when initializing Commerce SDK:
- merchantId
- userId
- serverType
- vendorId : This is a unique identifier representing a specific integrator. Contact your Elavon Solutions Engineer to obtain one.
- vendorAppName : This is the name of your application that is using Commerce SDK. For example, “MyCoolPaymentApp”.
- vendorAppVersion : This is the version of your application. For example, “”.