SSL Certificate Update Process for Card Reader

In CSDK 5.5 release, the SSL certificate update process for card readers was automated.

Certificates are now stored remotely and will be automatically downloaded as needed.

CSDK will update certificates if either:

  • card reader is connected over IP with SSL mode set to None on card reader
  • certificate files on external server (BMS) are newer than those on the card reader or POS

If a certificate update is needed, CSDK will:

  • download the files needed for the particular card reader platform and POS operating system.
  • push updated certificates to the card reader.
  • notify POS of the updated certificate chain (keystore) and password (certificateUpdateRequired())
    • POS will save certificate chain and password.
    • POS will notify CSDK using connectWithUpdatedKeystoreInfo().

CSDK will check into BMS:

  • when card reader connects if card reader has not previously checked in
  • when connected over IP and SSL mode is set to None on card reader
  • daily when connected over IP

ECLAccountListener has new methods POS must implement. See Integration Methods for details for your specific platform.