Simplify® is a semi-integrated, payment application that resides on the payment device and ensures card holders and merchants experience a secure credit or debit payment transaction, using both magstripe and EMV chip enabled cards. Simplify securely encrypts card data (tapped, inserted, swiped or manually entered) at the Point of Interaction, and sends the encrypted transaction data to Elavon's payment gateway (Fusebox) where a token for the payment card data is created.

Through the Simplify application programming interface (API), customers in the Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Service industries can easily isolate sensitive cardholder data from their Point-of-Sale (POS) or Property Management System (PMS), thereby eliminating or reducing the scope of PCI compliance audits. The Simplify solution offers the flexibility of a variety of PIN Transaction Security (PTS)-approved devices, from tethered to wireless, along with communication and connectivity modes ranging from RS232 through WiFi. This solution is also available as a full P2PE solution.

timeline Integration Timeline
  • Project Kickoff
    • Choose your integration method
    • Define your scope
    • Read the documentation
    • Create test account
  • Development

    Write and test code

  • Integration Testing
    • Test all transaction types in demo environment
    • Work with Solution Engineers on any problems
    • Complete certification test cases
  • Post Implementation Support

    Support website after launch.

  • Total Estimated Time
    8-12 weeks
Learn the API:

Learn the API using the following guides:

Learn PIN Pad Procedures:

Learn PIN pad procedures using the Simplify Telium Configuration Troubleshooting Guide.


Communication Modes between PIN Pad and POS:

  • • RS232 (Serial)
  • • PPP over RS232
  • • TCP/IP
    • o Bluetooth
    • o WiFi
    • o Ethernet
  • • USB emulating RS232

For more information see Message and Communications Protocols in the Simplify Developer Guide.

Supported Devices
Version 24 for Ingenico
We've released version 24 for all Ingenico products. This version supports Telium terminals only:

  • Ingenico Telium 2
  • • iPP320
  • • iPP350
  • • iSC250
  • • iSC480
  • • iSMP4
  • • iWL2xx

  • Ingenico Tetra (Starting with Version 25)
  • • Link 2500
  • • Move 5000
  • • Lane 3000
  • • Lane 5000
  • • Lane 7000

  • Verifone MX
  • • MX915
  • • MX925
Additional Resources

Get more information and resources to optimize your experience with Simplify.

Partner News : Elavon's newsletter for Integration Partners.
Payments Core 365 : A payments validation service available for Elavon products.
  • What's New for Ingenico Products?
    • Test Cards
      We've added a new section covering how to work with test cards for your Simplify integrated Point-of-Sale devices.

    • New for Ingenico in Version 25
      Version 25 added new Ingenico support for:
      • addTetra devices
      • addBluetooth communications

    • Version 24 for Ingenico
      We've released version 24 for all Ingenico products. This version supports the following features:

      • Introduction - Communications
      • addSimplify now supports Wi-Fi

      • Message Details - Non-Financial Messages
      • addSignature Request Message supports new tag (002) allowing more flexible signature screen layout.
      • addInitiate Ingestate Message allows POS to set IngEstate identifier (TMSID).
      • addScrolling Receipt Message supports up to five lines of text plus a total line in a single request.

      • EMV
      • addSimplify supports Contactless EMV.
      • addStand-In response supports return of EMV tags (configurable).

      • Informational Prompting
      • addSimplify supports additional tags (011, 012, 071).

      • Pay@Table
      • addGet Check Info Response supports text field.

      • Auto Signature
      • addSimplify supports Auto signature (no Signature Request message required).

      • Quick Chip
      • addSimplify supports Quick Chip to speed EMV processing. (Includes optional Quick Chip message to enable tendering ahead of transaction total.)

      • Appendix F - API 5104
      • addSimplify supports the display of Tip amounts for configured or POS-controlled Tip percentages.

      • Configuration, Download, and Troubleshooting Guide
      • addAdded Wi-Fi Setup.
    • Developer Guide Changes

      We've made several edits to our developer guide for Ingenico Version 24. The main changes are:

      • addGeneral Guidelines - Guidelines have been added. Some guidelines have been placed at the start of Message Details.
      • addMessage Details - Reorganized sequence to group related messages. Moved some notes to a Guidelines section at the start of the chapter. Made other changes for clarity.
      • addEMV - Added list of EMV tags. Modified description of Return transaction using chip card to say consult Elavon.
      • addSimplify - Generated Response Messages - Defined when Inquiry processing is required for response codes that produce these messages.
      • addAppendix F - Renamed to Simplify-Controlled Fields. Made old Appendix F on field 11 a subsection, and rewrote for clarity. Added subsections on API fields 5001, 5070, 5071, 5104.