The e-boarding Partner API automates the merchant underwriting and on-boarding process, significantly reducing the time between signing a contract and processing transactions to just a few hours.

Get Started with e-boarding Partner API

For information on prerequisites, test account creation, and to take the first steps to integrate with the e-boarding Partner API, take a look at our Getting Started guide.

timeline Integration Timeline
  • Project Kickoff/Pre-Certification Activities
    • Partner engages with Elavon
    • Partner reviews documentation on the developer portal
    • Project start date is defined
  • Integration
    • Integration team works with partner to create QA/Staging credentials
    • Integration team provides API specifications, credentials and additional documentation
    • Partner develops API
    • Partner transitions to certification team
  • Certification
    • Partner completes initial baseline certification tests and provides test identifiers and any response messages to the certification team; updates are made to resolve errors from baseline tests
    • Once all baseline tests are successful, additional scripts from the pre-certification questionnaire are provided
    • Partners complete all tests and provides test identifiers and response messages to the certification team; updates are made to resolve errors from tests
    • If Partner is not using Elavon's documentation generation APIs, Elavon requires additional partner certification
  • Production Release
    • Partner receives production credentials
    • Production support provided as needed
  • Total Estimated Time
    4-12 weeks

Learn the API

Refer to our Boarding Process Flow and Complementary API calls to learn the details of the e-boarding Partner API.

Additional Resources

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  • What's New?
    • What's new in Version 2.3
      High-level explanations of API functionality with references to Swagger for data element details.
      New APIs are available for document generation and signing, and to receive Converge credentials.

    • Changes from Version 2.2
      A Canadian Code of Conduct document can be retrieved via a new API call.
      View Complementary API calls for the request and response details.

    • Release Notes
      Read our full Release Notes.