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Get Started with Converge

For information on prerequisites, test account creation, and to take the first steps with integrating Converge, take a look at our Getting Started guide.

timeline Integration Timeline
  • Project Kickoff
    • Choose your integration method
    • Define your scope
    • Read the documentation
    • Create test account
  • Development

    Write and test code

  • Integration Testing
    • Test all transaction types in Converge demo environment
    • Work with Solution Engineers on any problems
    • Complete certification test cases
  • Post Implementation Support

    Support website after launch.

  • Total Estimated Time
    2-12 weeks

Find the Right Processing Option

Converge offers multiple ways to process payments. Follow this link for a list of our Processing Options.

Learn the API

Refer to our Integration Methods and Transaction Types guide to learn the details of the Converge API.

Additional Resources

Get more information and resources to optimize your experience with Converge.

Partner News : Elavon's newsletter for Integration Partners.
Payments Core 365 : A payments validation service available for Elavon products.
  • What's New?
    • Additional Resources
      We've added a newsletter for integration partners and material on Payments Core 365 to our additional resources section.

    • Masterpass Version 7
      Mastepass moved to version 7. We updated the docs to reflect these changes.

    • Checkout.js
      We've overhauled our Checkout.js documentation to make it easier to use.

    • Checkout.js Reference
      We've added a reference section to Checkout.js documenting its methods and accepted parameters.

    • Test Cards
      We've added a new section covering how to work with test cards for your Converge integrated point of sale devices.

    • Card on File Requirements
      Converge has new Card on File requirements for Credit Card transactions.

    • Release Notes
      Read our full Release Notes.