EMV Integration Considerations

In addition to new EMV data elements the payment application must support, there are some existing fields previously populated by Fusebox that also need to be supported. Fusebox can no longer accurately determine the appropriate values so this will need to be handled by the payment application.

EMV Elavon Gateway API Request Changes

The following table shows the Payment Applications Input Requests.

API Field Field Name Description
0052 Transponder / Proximity Indicator Identifies if the card was read contactless and whether it supports EMV or not. Valid values:
0 - no transponder
1 - transponder initiated transaction,
2 - Proximity using qVSDC rules,
3 - Proximity using magstripe rules,
4 - Chip/Smart Card (i.e. PayPass M/Chip),
5 - Transponder equipped using magstripe or key entry
0054 POS Entry Mode Identifies how the card data was entered. Values:
00 - Unknown
01 - Manual/Key Entry
02 - Key Entry Card Present
04 - OCR code read
05 - Integrated circuit card read - CVV data reliable (smart card)
07 - Contactless M/Chip or Visa Smart Card read
10 - Scanned MICR/check
80 - Chip Card capable - unaltered track data read (used for EMV fall back to swipe)
82 - Contactless Mobile Commerce device
90 - Magnetic Stripe - CVV/CVC certified, unaltered Track Data (1 or 2) included in Authorization Request. Required to participate in PS/2000 or CPS/2000
91 - Contactless chip magnetic stripe read
95 - Integrated circuit card read - CVV data unreliable
85 - Internet (not an ISO value)
0055 PIN Capabilities Identifies if the PIN Pad is capable of a user entering a PIN. Valid Values:
0 - Unknown
1 - Can accept PIN, online PIN
2 - Cannot accept PIN (Valid Value for Transponders)
8 - PIN Pad is down
9 - PIN verified offline by the chip
0057 ICC Chip Condition Code Identifies the condition of the ICC chip. Values:
0 – ICC enabled card chip read
1 – ICC enabled card first magnetic stripe Fallback
2 – ICC enabled card not first magnetic stripe Fallback for this chip
3 – ICC enabled card that is manually entered
1359 EMV CVM Verification Indicator Field to indicate to the POS the cardholder verification methods. Valid values are:
0 - Failed CVM
1 - Signature required
2 - PIN required
3 - PIN and signature required

TPP Interface Module Support

Before you proceed with any EMV integration, you should confirm that Elavon offers an EMV compliant interface module with your required TPP.

Settlement Options

EMV card processors can support either terminal or host capture. Refer to the applicable TPP interface guide for specific details on their settlement requirements. In the U.S., offline authorizations are not allowed. If this changes and an EMV transaction is approved offline, then the Voice Authorization / Forced Authorization process should be followed.