Transaction to Region Matrix

The table below lists each transaction type discussed in this document and indicates the regions in which the transactions are supported.

Transactions USA Canada Puerto Rico Mexico Brazil
Credit Card Credit Card.Sale
Credit Card.Auth Only
Credit Card.Account Verification Only
Credit Card.Pre-Paid Balance Inquiry
Credit Card.Return
Credit Card.Force
Credit Card.Visa Account Funding
Credit Card.MasterCard Payment
Credit Card.Lodging Check In
Credit Card.Lodging\Auto Incremental
Credit Card.Auto Rental
Credit Card.Void
Credit Card.Reversal
Debit / US EBT Debit.Purchase
Debit.PINLess Purchase
Debit.Balance Inquiry
EBT.Food Stamp Purchase
EBT.Food Stamp Voucher Clear Purchase
EBT.Food Stamp Return
EBT.Food Stamp Voucher Clear Return
EBT.Food Stamp Balance Inquiry
EBT.Cash Benefit Purchase
EBT.Cash Benefit Balance Inquiry
Debit.Void or EBT.Void
Debit.Reversal or EBT.Reversal
Debit.Echo or EBT.Echo
CAN Debit Canadian Debit.Purchase
Canadian Debit.Return
Canadian Debit.Void
Canadian Debit.Reversal
ECS ECS.Purchase with Conversion
ECS. Purchase with Verification
ECS. Purchase with Guarantee
ECS.Authorization Only (Deprecated)
Gift Card / Loyalty Gift Card.Activation
Gift Card.Redemption
Gift Card.Credit
Gift Card.Reload
Gift Card.Balance Inquiry
Gift Card.Refund
Gift Card.Pre-Auth
Gift Card.Post-Auth
Gift Card.Add Loyalty Points
Gift Card.Redeem Loyalty Points
Gift Card.Loyalty Enrollment
Gift Card.Loyalty Balance Inquiry
Gift Card.Loyalty Return
Gift Card.Loyalty Lead Inquiry
Gift Card.Loyalty Member Inquiry
Gift Card.Transfer
Gift Card.Batch Close Out
Gift Card.Current Batch Balance
Gift Card.Previous Batch Balance
Gift Card.Loyalty Current Batch Balance
Gift Card.Loyalty Previous Batch Balance
Gift Card.Void
Gift Card.Reversal
Admin Misc.DCC Rate Update
Misc.Bridgestone Instant Credit
Misc.IVU Loto Cash Purchase
Misc.IVU Loto Cash Refund
Misc.IVU Loto Cash Void
Misc.IVU Loto Cash Reversal
Misc.Get Token
Misc.Transaction Eligibility
Misc.POS Logistics
Canadian Debit.Key Exchange
Misc.EMV Key Exchange
Batch Batch.Balance
Batch.TIP Header
Batch.TIP Detail
Batch.TIP Trailer
Batch.Detail Header
Batch.Detail Trailer
Batch.Previous Balance
Batch.Current Balance