The viaConex API is your tool for direct and secure integration to Elavon. viaConex offers maximum flexibility for managing your payment processing environment, providing access to the full range of Elavon functionality. The API is designed to process authorizations and perform settlements for both Terminal-Based and Host-Based points-of-sale across a variety of industry segments and payment types.

What are the benefits of viaConex?
  • Accept Multiple Forms of Payments.
    viaConex provides a single interface for accepting multiple payment formats, from traditional Credit Card to Debit Card (PIN and Signature), Electronic Benefit Transfer (Food Stamp and Cash Benefits), Electronic Checks, Gift Card, Loyalty and Settlement functions. Dynamic Currency Conversion and Multi-Currency processing are also supported.
  • Multi-Country Support.
    Process payments in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico through one simple to use utility.
  • Supports Multiple Markets.
    Need Brick and Click, Tips, Call Center, or T&E support? viaConex provides processing capability across the Retail, Restaurant, Direct Marketing, E-Commerce, Lodging and Auto-Rental verticals through a single developer interface.
  • Scalability.
    This hosted solution is designed for use by businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to Enterprise level organizations and can grow along with you.
viaConex makes it easy to connect your network to ours:
  • Multiple Payment Methods.
    viaConex supports card-not-present scenarios, credential on file, card present MSR, EMV Contact and various forms of Contactless interfaces, such as Apple Pay® or Android Pay®.
  • Transaction Security.
    viaConex supports various options for end-to-end encryption as well as Issuer and Acquirer tokenization, eliminating the need to store sensitive data at customer locations. It also supports address verification, Card Verification Values (CVV2/CVC2/CID), and 3DSecure processing for Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, American Express Safekey and Discover ProtectBuy processing.
  • Support for multiple operating systems.
    viaConex is a hosted TLS gateway application that uses standard XML or value-pair messages for communication, so integration from any platform that supports HTTPs processing is simple and efficient.